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A Segment From 'God, Does Humanity Exist?' – The Poetry Book We Should All Read

During these turbulent times when the world at large is experiencing a crisis in humanity, 'God, Does Humanity Exist?' is a beacon of light that encourages us to think and act with more compassion, empathy, and understanding.

As a colleague of mine said this week, 'it feels like it's been a bad week of a bad month of a bad year.'

While all of our news of late seems to be cutting extremely close to the bone, many think that amidst this darkness is a pool of light, a learning curve from which we can grow and assure change from the outside in. 

Depicting acutely how darkness oftentimes begets lightness, poet Kamand Kojouri has penned a collection of poems entitled 'God, Does Humanity Exist?' exploring themes of resistance, empowerment, and hope. The four sections – Cries of Common Pain, Call to Action, Songs of Hope, and Echoes of Hope – are skilfully interwoven and resonate with urgency and relevance.

Below, Irish Tatler features three of Kojouri's poem that we feel fit best with the frightening time in which we now live. Poignant and thought-provoking, her work is as beautifully written as it is personally attentive. 

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Sales of 'God, Does Humanity Exist?' – available here – are also begetting goodness as royalties from Kojouri's book are being donated to children’s charities in Iran.

Additionally, with every book sold a tree is planted in Sub-Saharan Africa to help provide families with food, income, and a sustainable way of life. 

For more information on Kojouri's work, visit her website here

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