Still mourning the end of the S.A.T.C. era? When Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and Kim Cattrall spent six seasons (and two movies) bringing their respective characters to life? Well, fans can now travel back to the fabulous world of pink cocktails, Manolos, and brunch for four in a new podcast series.

If you're not already familiar with the Origins podcast, it's an engrossing series hosted by Vanity Fair contributor James Andrew Miller, that delves into the origin stories behind various pop-cultural institutions. And as the tv show celebrates its 20th anniversary, Miller casts his spotlight on the early days of the seminal Sex and the City series. 

Miller delivers exclusive interviews with nearly every main cast member of Sex and the City, everyone, that is, except Kim Cattrall, who reportedly told the podcast via a representative that she has “already said everything she wants to say” about the show. We're assuming that Cattrall skipping the trip down memory lane also has something to do with the rift between herself and former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker. Yeah, that feud that Parker insists isn't a feud!

Across the three-part series, Miller explores all sorts of fun, behind the scenes content, like: Why did they cast Chris Noth as Mr. Big? What the show would have been like had the main four actresses had played different roles? And how, in any sane state, were we supposed to believe that Carrie could afford a massive one-bedroom Upper East Side apartment and her incredible wardrobe on a newspaper columnist’s salary? 

The series also addresses important issues such as where Patricia Fields sourced the iconic tutu that Carrie wears in the credits.

As good as Origins' S.A.T.C. series is, we did miss Cattrall's presence and although some unfiltered bitchiness wouldn't have been on brand considering the show's history, we couldn't help but wonder how brutally honest Samatha might have been after all these years.

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