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What A Hairdresser Wants You To Know Before You Attend Your Post COVID-19 Appointment

The wait is over.

As salons, barbers and studios open today, Irish Tatler got in touch with one Dublin's best colourists to ask what we should expect from hairdressing appointments in a post-COVID-19 world. 

Hair salon owners across the nation reopen their doors today – some 17 weeks after they closed up shop due to COVID-19 – with extensive measures in place to ensure the safety of both clients and staff.

While more than 100 recommendations have been put forward by the Irish Hairdressing Federation (IHF) to ensure the highest level of protection possible, salon owners are also keen to reach out to clients to inform them of the logistics of treating post-lockdown locks. 

Speaking to Stephen Boyle, the renowned Colour Director for Dublin salon Davey Davey, he told Irish Tatler that colours, cuts and extreme hair shifts may look a little different in the immediate future. 

"Personally, there are two main areas where clients may witness a difference when it comes to their next trip to the salon," he says. 

"Firstly, in regards to home colours. If someone has done a little touch up during lockdown (or even had a full-on disaster) I don’t mind, just tell us. I'm not going to give out!

"I get how have your hair done makes you feel. But if you have, it’s important to tell us prior to appointment. This is just in case we need longer to lighten darker or heavier areas."

"Secondly, if you are a regular highlight client (who attends regular appointments every six to eight weeks) you maybe have missed two, three or even four appointments," he continues.

"During your next appointment, we will do our best to return your hair to pre lockdown style. However, this may not always be possible due to the amount of colour that can be applied in one appointment or the condition of your hair etc.

"The amount of natural hair (roots, fading etc) can impact the desired result. In this case, it may take your hair up to two or three appointments to be returned to original glory."

In essence, being honest and remaining patient seems to be the way forward. 

Countries where hair salons have reopened, such as Australia and Italy, are also making stringent use of face masks and gloves as well as implementing strict limits on the number of people allowed in a salon at one time.

In Spain, some salons have erected plastic sheets between customers. No walk-ins are allowed and staff wear PPE while customers must wear masks.

As a secondary result of this, appointments may also be spaced out – meaning that clients might have to wait a little longer to be seen, also. 

But won't it be worth it when we do? 

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