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Prediction: These Will Be The Halloween Costumes You'll See All Over Instagram This Halloween

Dibs on Lizzo.

There's no such thing as getting your look together too early, and with a year that's been jam-packed with memorable moments, there are plenty of recent pop-cultural phenomenons that are worth re-creating.

Before we dive into Christmas, there's another holiday to check off the list: Halloween.

No matter what your plans may entail this year, you'll be familiar with the pressure to find a costume that's somewhere between "cool but obscure" and "done to death". We admit it - we have been known to find ourselves without a costume on the actual day of Halloween and end up with the groundbreaking concept of a simple LBD and cat ears. But not this time around.

Drawing from some of the most talked-about shows and movies of 2019, we've compiled a small, but mighty, list of trendy 2019 Halloween costumes you can proudly wear and 'gram come October 31.

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We’ve sifted through the "sexy" Handmaid's Tale costumes, the predictable Vampire girls, and viral egg meme outfits to formulate a master list of our top 13 picks, with options suitable for the solo dresser and group getups alike.

Plus, since they're all relevant to this year, no one will have to ask you what you're dressed as, they will know as soon as you walk in the room... If they've been paying attention, that is.

J-LO reprising her green dress at the Versace show

Has there ever been a more iconic dress? Even if another one comes to mind, this teal, floral-patterned Versace one (whether the O.G. from 2000 with the sleeves or the 2019 version without sleeves) is up there. Help the moment live on forever, in the form of a costume.

Love Don't Cost A Thing Dress, €64, Fashion Nova

Lizzo and her flute

If anyone truly owns 2019, it's Lizzo. The flute-toting pop star, body-positivity activist and self-proclaimed “bad b—h”, Lizzo is known for her flashy, colourful, dance-ready looks and statement full-length gowns. She also loves a dramatic hair moment, so be sure to stock up on wigs. Regardless of which Lizzo you plan to dress up as, there is one very important, Lizzo-esque element that cannot be overlooked. You cannot be Lizzo without this quintessential Lizzo accessory: Sasha Flute. It's got its own verified Instagram account with over 262,000 followers, so don't try to skimp because otherwise, you're just a girl in a leotard. Get your hands on a Sasha Flute replica and then you're about halfway to 100%-that-b*tch status. 

Steel Flute, €22, Amazon 


Since all your friends are talking about Euphoria, use it as inspiration for a costume on October 31. Tap into your best angsty teenage self and dress up as the show's protagonist, Rue. Her style consists of oversized hoodies and cycle shorts. Be comfy this halloween...just don't get into any trouble with police or drug dealers on Halloween, okay?

Hooded Jacket, €12.99, H&M


If you prefer unsettling, "makes you think" scary over more overt gory, jump-scare horror, take a page out of the Black Mirror book this Halloween. Ashley O (Miley Cyrus) is a burned-out pop star who was held against her will for the sake of franchising opportunities in season 5, episode 3 of Black Mirror, "Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too." Seriously,  what's scarier than a hidden hostage situation? It's also a very easy costume to put together. Her iconic purple hairstyle is really what sets her apart. Otherwise, her outfits are largely silver and all-white ensembles with a minimalist or futuristic bent to them. 

Purple Wig, €5,


The latest adaptation of Little Women has yet to be released in cinemas, but the film’s trailer has sparked plenty of interest, with even London Fashion Week designer Emilia Wickstead using the sisters as her inspiration for the spring/summer 2020 collection. According to Lyst, Prairie and milkmaid-inspired dresses have grown a further 45 per cent since the beginning of July. Searches for 'basket' and 'woven' bags were up 60 per cent over the last month, while searches for straw hats are currently up 37 per cent year on year meaning you more than likely have all it takes to dress up as the cast of little women just lying in your wardrobe. 

Praire Maxi Dress, €40, Monki


Joker is not only one of the most buzzed-about movies of 2019 – it’s also the perfect inspiration for your 2019 Halloween costume. Joaquin Phoenix‘s 2019 portrayal of Arthur Fleck, otherwise known as the Joker, has a very distinct style that can be recreated at home with limited makeup skills. The Joker’s face paint is arguably the most iconic part of the costume, you can either grab a face mask on Amazon, or you can choose to do the painting yourself. Invest in blue, red and white face make-up, and then check out the tutorial below…


One of the year's most highly-anticipated movies finally hit cinemas in July. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Margaret Qualley, Elle Fanning, Lena Dunham, [*takes breath*], Austin Butler, Timothy Olyphant, and Al Pacino, Quentin Tarantino's ninth feature, Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood, retold the story of Sharon Tate and her tragic death. Although there were justifiable complaints and criticism about the film, one aspect is not up for debate: The costumes were good. Like, really, really good. The scene in the movie where Robbie-as-Tate goes to watch one of her own movies in a public cinema is important for a few reasons: It's the most we hear Robbie speak, and the outfit she dons once inside the movie theatre is arguably the movie's best costume. For this look, you need a pair of flat boots that go up to mid-calf paired with an equally simple mini-skirt. Robbie opts for white with a black turtleneck.

Sali Knee High Boots, €100, Dune


After the passing of beloved fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in February, searches for his iconic style have been on the up. While 'classic black suits' and 'high-collar white shirts' have seen an increase, there have also been 15,000 views on products featuring his cat Choupette. A costume first made iconic by Kendall Jenner back in 2015 wearing a white wig to emulate Largerfeld's famous ponytail, as well as a black blazer, chain necklaces, shades and the designer's signature fingerless gloves. She penned the caption to her Instagram post "Lady Karl Lagerfeld." Not content with simply getting the look dead-on, the thing that really makes this Halloween outfit stand out is her friend accompanying her as Karl's famous cat, Choupette Lagerfeld. We're not condoning using a friend as an accessory, but it really takes this costume to the next level, doesn't it? 

Leather Fingerless Mittens, €35, & Other Stories

The Killer Doppelgängers From Us

Confession time. I have not seen this film, because I refuse to watch horror movies (I’m a proud scaredy-cat), but I DO love these red utility suits, so.

Missandei from game of thrones 

Game of Thrones officially ended in 2019, so this might be one of your last chances to dress up as a favourite character. Though Nathalie Emmanuel's character Missandei met an unfortunate death, she was a warrior nonetheless. You'll stand out in the crowd among all the White Walker costumes. (He's overrated.)

Pleated Halter Neck Dress, €27, Next


Legends. Live out your Western dreams in bedazzled blouses and 10-gallon hats. Also, play this great song on repeat all night long.

Selita Fringe Shirt, €80, Levis


If you’re addicted to ice cream and Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things, there is one obvious choice for you to make this Halloween. The Scoops Ahoy uniform is one of the most epic looks from the show’s third season (aside from Eleven’s makeover, obviously), and it’s already been made into easy one-piece costumes that you can order online. Seriously - this no-brainer costume in a bag will be everywhere.

Ships Ahoy Costume, €46, Amazon


Dressing as Wednesday Addams for Halloween will never go out of style, but with a new animated adaptation of The Addams Family coming out, the character is set to be even more popular than usual. Online fashion searches including the keyword 'Addams' have steadily been rising since August, with searches for 'Wednesday Addams' showing a 120 per cent increase. On
Lyst, global demand for black items is up 28 per cent year on year, with all-black outfits searched 12,000 times a month. You've got a black dress, now you need a collared white shirt.

Poplin Shirt, €39.99, Zara

Main image by Kevin Tachman

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