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Hungover? This Juice Recipe Will Help

Don't say we never do anything for you.

Drank a bit too much on that video chat with your friends? We got you. 

While mindful drinking is something we encourage, we understand the feeling of getting a little too heavy-handed when champagne is passed around the office. 

Handed-down hangover cures may be thick on the ground – pickle juice, fry-ups or brightly coloured sports drinks – but, according to scientists, this is the easy-to-drink concoction that will heal your aching head. 

The Ultimate Hangover Cure Juice


  • 65% pear
  • 25% sweet lime
  • 10% coconut water

Combine these ingredients in whatever form of juicer or blender you have at your disposal and blitz.

According to experts, this drink boasts the golden ratio, ridding you of that groggy heaviness you'll be experiencing the next day. 

Drink it with

If you're wondering what else you should be preparing ahead of a particularly nasty Sunday morning, line your shopping bag with cheese, cucumber and tomatoes.

According to the same scientists behind the ultimate green juice, these work in tandem with the ingredients to fire up the enzymes that work to bust the toxic alcohol by-product that finds its way into your bloodstream.

What better way to prepare yourself for the festive season now, than stocking up on coconuts, pears and limes?

Main image Allie Smith

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