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Here's What's Coming To Netflix In March

The best of what's hitting the streaming site this month

If you feel like you've watched everything on every streaming platform, worry not. There is plenty of newness landing on Netflix over the next few weeks. 

First up, there's a new true crime doc that focuses on a shocking and somewhat mysterious story of murder within the Mormon community in Salt Lake City, Utah. Amy Poehler directs and stars in Moxie, a story about a shy teen who starts a bit of a revolution. And Marriage or Mortgage  sees engaged American couples choose between their dream house or their perfect wedding day. We have snippets of all the new show below.

Moxie (3 March)

 Vivian (Hadley Robinson) is a seemingly shy 16-year-old who keeps a low profile in school until the arrival of new student (Alycia Pascual-Peña) shines a light on the behaviour of her peers. Vivian realises she has to take a stand and, inspired by her mother’s rebellious past, she anonymously publishes an underground 'zine called Moxie to expose wrongdoing. Amy Poehler directs and stars in this adaptation of a novel by Jennifer Mathieu. 

Murder Among the Mormons (3 March)

True crime fans will be all over this investigation into a shocking series of incidents within the Mormon (also known as the Church of the Latter-day Saints) community in America. In 1985 a series of pipe bombs in Salt Lake City, headquarters of the LDS church, killed two people and severely injured another. A trove of important early Mormon letters and diaries, including the controversial White Salamander Letter, were found destroyed in the vehicle of the third victim, Mark Hofmann. Directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) this new documentary unravels the truth and motives behind the crime.

Bombay Begums  (8 March)

Promising lots of drama (and some killer outfits) this new series revolves around the lives of five women in India. From heading up boardrooms to fighting for survival on the edges of society, the five women from various walks of life get to grips with dreams, desires and disappointments in modern Mumbai.  

Marriage or Mortgage  (10 March) 

If you're looking for some pure escapism with enormous houses, elaborate wedding dresses and a dash of couples drama, check out Marriage or Mortgage. In this new show a wedding planner and a real estate agent compete for the hearts and budgets of engaged couples. The choice the couples face? The dream wedding or the perfect home. 

Yes Day (12 March) 
Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramírez star in this family friendly caper, which should probably come with a parental warning as we suspect kids will be all over this idea! It's a simple premise: Allison and Carlos decide to give their three children a 'yes day', which means that for 24 hours the children make the rules.  Chaos, hilarity and some heartwarming life lessons ensue.

The Irregulars  (26 March)

Following on from the recent Enola Holmes starring Mille Bobby Brown (which is also on Netflix) comes another tale set in the world of Sherlock Holmes. The Irregulars is based in Victorian London and follows a gang of street teens who end up solving crimes for the somewhat sinister Doctor Watson and his mysterious business partner, Sherlock Holmes. But as things take a supernatural turn, it might be up to the Irregulars to save the whole world. 

Main pic: Bombay Begums

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