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Sustainability Goes High Street – Holland & Barrett Launches Reusable Period Wear Range

With recent reports suggesting tampons live longer than the females using them – given that the average sanitary pad takes around 500 years to decompose – more women than ever are conscious of the damage that their period waste is having on the environment.

One pack of sanitary pads can contain as much plastic as up to four carrier bags.

And with the average women using some 11,000 period products in a lifetime, the impact plastic-based period-wear is having on the environment is clear.

To tackle the ever-growing problem, health and wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett, has extended its zero waste offering to provide women with an increased bounty of sustainable period options. 

This makes it the first high street retailer to do so. 

The new offering in-store and online is made up of:

  • FLUX Undies
  • Bloom & Nora Reusable Pads
  • and OrganiCup

The range is designed to offer women eco-friendly alternatives at an affordable price.

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When purchased in-store, Holland & Barrett staff have apparently been trained to offer in-store guidance on how to use the products, for any woman feeling apprehensive about switching to a less common form of period protection.

Alongside the product launch, the retailer has also partnered with Bloody Good Period, a UK charity whose mission is to end period poverty, after it was revealed With 1 in 4 women in the UK unable to afford period products.

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