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Move Over Co-Star, This Is Where You Really Should Be Reading Your Horoscope

Prepare to feel seriously aligned

Horoscopes are having a moment.

Spend enough time on the internet and you'll inevitably be met with some form of astrology. A casual scroll through Twitter will often be filled with memes, “starter kits” and general lamentations about being a “staunch Sagittarius ” or “textbook Virgo,” and the millennial dating app Bumble even allows you to filter your matches by star sign. Whichever the case, astrology online is unavoidable.

And now, thanks to Spotify, horoscopes have become even harder to escape. That’s right – now, for the first time ever, we’ll finally be able to get our horoscopes via a new series of podcasts on Spotify. Daily. 

That's right, instead of watching the world go by as you stare out your window, you can plug in your headphones and get your daily guidance from the stars, all without having to read a thing.

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Horoscope Today, which officially launched last September (I'm late to the party, I know), is a series of 12 daily podcasts (produced by Spotify’s in-house podcast studio Parcast) that are tailor-made for each star sign. Curated by a team of top astrologers, each episode is only two to three minutes long – making it perfect for a quick morning listen while providing an insightful horoscope, advice and any other notable astrological information for that day (of course).

To find your daily podcast, all you need to do is search for your star sign followed by “today”.

To further enhance your planetary experience, the music streaming platform has also curated a range of playlists to reflect each of the individual horoscopes. The playlists were curated by the astrological readings of celebrity astrologer Chani Nicholas, determining the theme and tone of the music in the playlist. Each month, the music will change to reflect the new readings.

There’s something strangely comforting about the whole disembodied-voice-giving-you-spiritual-guidance-thing and it comes as a refreshing antidote to those Co-Star 'reminders' we receive each morning. 

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