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Can You Really Ruin Things By Having Sex Too Soon?

The debate rages on but to each their own...

Just asking for a friend.... 

The all-knowing internet is full of dating 'rules' (we use this term lightly), but if the dawn of Cuffing Season might mean a new relationship for you, you probably want some solid, tried-and-true advice on your burning questions - the most pressing of which is

How soon is too soon to have sex?

So, here's the backstory: you meet through mutual friends (thank your lucky stars) and message for a week or two before he suggests the first date. It's September, so you go for a walk (you know, outdoorsy 'n stuff), then to a local pub for food and few drinks.

Everything's going well, so well that you're a little surprised by the fact. Last orders are called and you're quite smitten, but now what? You're low-key freaking out about whether you should go back to theirs, or yours, or to wave him off and wait for your next date? 

On one hand, you really like them, the sexual tension is palpable, and you're pretty sure you're both on the same page there.

But on the other, are they less likely to follow through on another date if you do put out? Or will they write you off as not interested if you don't? Will having sex on your first date make him think you're not significant-other material? 

Here's what we think on the No Sex on A first Date 'rule'... 

It's 2019, you do you! 

The arguably outdated rule that you should always keep them coming back for more after a first date might be rooted in the fallacy that certain people (ahem, females) are not really interested in sex and that other people are only interested in sex. Fake news, if you ask us. 

When it comes to sex, we all have different comfort levels. For some people, good sex is a prerequisite for a good relationship. They would hate to get a month in, become emotionally attached, and find out there’s absolutely no physical chemistry.

For others, spending that time developing an emotional connection makes them feel ready for the physical stuff — and makes it more all the more enjoyable.

Here's what a Reddit thread thinks on the 'rule'...

Find out early 

Forget SO-material, you could have met your person 

Green for go, if you're both game!

It takes two to tango

The hard truth

Take what you will from these, but we're still sticking with our 'you do you' philosophy!  

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