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Sorry Astrology Fans, You've Been Reading The Wrong Horoscope All This Time

All you need is your time of birth to figure it out.

Star signs are one thing, but rising/ascendant signs actually often tell you more about a person than anything else. 

Each birth chart is ruled by a rising sign, which is the zodiac sign that was ascending over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

It typically reflects how others view you in real life and can predict your spontaneous reactions to stuff. 

Some astrologers refer to it as a “mask” people wear — as it can shed light on your initial reactions and responses to various situations. The ascendant changes every two hours, which is why it’s so important to have an accurate time of birth when interpreting a birth chart. 

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The best thing is, is that these signs are extremely easy to calculate. all you have to do is check the graph below by what time you were born, slide across to your star sign and then cross-reference with the list of numbers below. 

Once you've done that, you can check the details of your rising sign below:

Aries rising: “It’s easy for others to think you are self-confident and/or arguing with them. If you feel weak, no-one knows. Dial it down when you want to be nice.”

Taurus rising: “You come across as slow and deliberate but dependable—desiring of life’s luxuries. Use your poker face when you’re not sure.”

Gemini rising: “While you’re widely regarded as smart, versatile, and changeable, those who are strongly opinionated may see you as uncertain. Make sure you are understood.”

Cancer rising: “Sensitive, shy, caring and s/mothering is how people may describe you, with the ‘s’ depending on how strongly you insist that you be obeyed.”

Leo rising: “Since you present as a dramatic, not-shy leader driven by ego, no one feels sorry for you. Don’t be too familiar.”

Virgo rising: “It’s easy for others to see you as skilled, fidgety, and worried—no matter how you are feeling. Some may see you as childlike in a good way.”

Libra rising: “As a refined, unflappable, and indecisive person, you can get away with being a bit nasty because others don’t see it.”

Scorpio rising: “You’re seen as sexy, mysterious, powerful, and judgmental—so passionate and direct, in fact, that you’re often misunderstood.”

Sagittarius rising: “You seem wise, honest, blunt, and likely to blurt out what should be secret. Always a stranger in a strange land.”

Capricorn rising: “It’s easy for others to see you as serious, all-business, and stern when they want to have fun. You get younger as you get older.”

Aquarius rising: “Many regard you as inventive, cold, eccentric, or weird, with your mind on the future and past, not here.”

Pisces rising: “You’re often described as having a psychic voice, projecting such vibes if something’s wrong. Know your intuition shows on your face.”

While your rising sign – again, how others likely perceive you –may not paint the most accurate picture of who you actually are, over time, you’ll be able to open up with your true moon-sign identity.

Until then, being aware of how your identity presents is helpful for knowing how to cushion your actions and words. After all, first impressions are notorious for sticking. 

Main image by @fakeroberts on Instagram

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