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How To Finally Get Yourself To Drink More Water

Look younger, exercise better, avoid headaches and more by simply drinking more water

Just popping in with a friendly reminder to stay hydrated...

As we enter week fourteen of our new normal, it's safe to say a lot has changed. You now work from home with screaming kids, (instead of screaming colleagues); Your couch is your new best friend; drinking wine before 12 pm is now socially acceptable and bras seize to exist. However, there is one thing that has remained the same: you still struggle to drink enough water.

While that old rule of drinking two litres of water a day is basically made up (you can read more on that, here), water is crucial for your health (and skin) in many ways. Still, despite being told to "remember to drink more water," by everyone from your mother to your new virtual personal trainer, it's all too easy for other things (coffee, diet coke, wine) to get in the way.

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But in the spirit of starting anew (and avoiding boredom), it's time we finally make a change and give our bodies the H2o they deserve. From scheduling alerts on your phone to trying flavoured water, it's actually way easier than you think. Ahead, your new go-to guide for staying hydrated.

Treat your bottle like a clock

If you have trouble keeping your water intake on track throughout the day, try this trick: mark lines on your bottle that correspond to different times.

For example, you might break the day up into four quarters — 9 a.m., noon, 3 p.m., and 6 p.m. The goal is to know exactly how much water you should consume by each point in the day. If you like the idea, you can even buy pre-marked water bottles online. 

there's an app for thaT

Chances are you're glued to your phone 24/7 anyway, so why not use it to help monitor your water intake, too? The Plant Nanny app, available on iPhone and Android devices, makes logging every ounce you drink feel like more of a game and less of a chore. Beware going into this one, not meeting your daily water quota has real consequences for your little plants, which can and will die, so if that's too much pressure, maybe take a pass. But for those who, like me, need a stricter reminder, tending to Plant Nanny plants by regularly drinking is an excellent way to stay hydrated. 

flip the switch

If plain water is like drinking liquid boredom, try sparkling water. Or simply adding a bit of flavour can make it surprisingly more palatable. Add in some fresh fruit wedges, cucumber slices or mint leaves. 

For every cup of coffee, drink one glass of water

While coffee is a fluid, it’s not as hydrating or thirst-quenching as water for most of us. If you’re already in the habit of drinking a few cups of coffee each day, following them up with a glass of water can easily improve your hydration status.

keep it close

Let’s be real—if you’re stuck at your desk (read: dining room table) all day, you’re not going to make it a priority to go get water very often. The fix: Always keep a big tumbler of water on your desk so you have no excuse. And if you work at a desk, leave the cup in plain sight so you’re constantly reminded. 

Eat it instead

It isn’t exactly cheating—you can technically hydrate with water-rich foods like cucumbers, melons, celery or even soup with a light broth. In fact, many experts will say that you’re better off eating your water. Plus you’re getting extra nutrients too. Acclaimed skincare expert Dr Howard Murad is a big fan of eating your water. 

Herbal teas work too

Regular caffeinated beverages are not thought to be great as part of your daily water intake. Caffeine can be a diuretic (read: going to the toilet every two minutes) and it can lead to headaches. Herbal teas, however, count as good water – and you can choose one that suits your mood (relax or wake up). Or go for green tea as it's packed with antioxidants.

take on a water challenge

Channel your competitive spirit by committing to drinking two litres of water a day for a month. While the benefits vary per person, many claim to have noticed higher energy levels and a glowing complexion over time. To make things less intimidating, personalise your two-litre jug with words of affirmation and hourly "deadlines" to keep you on track.

Set literal reminders

Setting an alarm on your phone or computer every few hours is a simple solution to remind yourself to drink more water. Label each with a dedicated emoji and mantra to keep yourself inspired.

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