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Praise Brie: This Is How To Create The Perfect Cheese Board

It's a Christmas classic, but have you got the right technique?

Planning a cheese course at Christmas this year? We have top tips and a handy video guide to make sure your cheeseboard is an absolute cracker.

Always a favourite during the festive period, a cheeseboard is a complete crowdpleaser, but you have to make sure you provide a range of delicious cheeses to ensure it's perfect.

Firstly, when selecting cheese, you need to think about the combination of flavours and textures, as well as how they will go together. We usually like to go for a combination of hard cheese, a blue and a block of soft cheese.

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Once you have your varieties of cheese sorted - we mainly like Irish cheese - it's on to accompaniments. Crackers are an absolute must for us, you could also opt for bread if you prefer. To cut through the rich cheese, you need to pair it with some tangy fruit and chutney for sweetness. Try a combination of berries, citrus fruits and apples for some variety and texture.

To serve your cheeseboard, make sure everything is at room temperature as it allows the flavours to develop. Make sure you have enough cheese knives, spoons for sauces and any other equipment that you might need so that you and your guests can enjoy your cracking cheeseboard.


For more inspiration, make sure you check out our perfect cheeseboard video below. 

Cheese Your Way

This video is a part of the Cheese Your Way campaign launched earlier this year by the National Dairy Council in partnership with the European Milk Forum. Cheese Your Way is an EU-funded multi-country campaign that aims to encourage people to cook with, eat and learn more about a diverse range of European cheeses.

NDC is passionate about quality dairy and promoting its nutritional benefits, so they were the perfect partner for our upcoming cheesy events. If you want to find out more about this EU campaign, called Cheese Your Way, click here.

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