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It's Getting Warmer, Here's How To Avoid The Summertime Hell That Is Chafing

Stride on in safety fellow thigh-touchers! 

We wouldn't wish it on our worst enemy. 

Summer, that you?

With today's warm temperatures, you can rest assured you're not the only one suffering from chafing - every step more uncomfortable than the last. 

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to keep cool in shorts or a sundress, the heat combined with a constant layer of bodily sweat wins out and it feels like we've slowly sloughed off the top layer of skin on our inner-thighs.

On a scale, the friction of chaffing can cause anything from an irritating rash to burning and bleeding, so while it's not glam topic, today we're talking how to prevent thigh chafing — and how to treat it once you’ve made the mistake of letting it happen. 

Here’s what actually works to prevent thigh-chafing, according to those who know...  

Prevention > cure 

Like most ailments, if you can stop chafing in its tracks before the symptoms get too bad, you're doing well. Entry-level chaffing-prevention options include; deodorant, baby powder, runner's glide, but if you want the Holy Grail of anti-chafe, you'll need to look elsewhere. 

Thigh Protectors 

Up there with the most divisive of summer-proofing methods (armpit-lining pads and sweat-absorbing bra underlayers) are the lace and nylon thigh bands made specifically for preventing thigh chafing. 

Similar in design to stockings without the actual stocking, the reasonably popular elastic thigh bands add protection against skin-on-skin friction and if you can keep them where they're supposed to be, they do work. 

Thigh bands, €18, Magic BodyFashion at Zalando - SHOP 

The Double B Duo 

For the gold-standard in chafe-prevention, you're going to want to double down on these two options: bike shorts, and balm. 

Hear us out, cycling shorts aren't high on our shopping list for sartorial reasons, but they do make for excellent thigh-protectors, especially if you're a fan of a mid-length or maxi hem (no one will ever suspect they're there!)

Opt for slippy spandex or super-comfy cotton and keep a variety of colours and lengths in your underwear arsenal. 

For days when Spanx-like layers just won't work, body balms are here to help. They look like sticks of deodorant, and all you have to do is give your inner thighs a few swipes with the product and you’re good to go.

The Internet's most tried and tested list features both MegaBabe Thigh Rescue, created by plus-size influencer Katie Sturino and Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel, both available to us Irish ladies via Amazon and promise your thighs a friction-free glide that doesn’t feel slippery or oily, lasts all day, and won’t leave marks on your clothing. 

MegaBabe Thigh Rescue - SHOP

Lanacan Anti-chaffing Gel - SHOP 

The Cure

Keeping your thighs apart all summer long isn’t a realistic option, so what about soothing the dreaded post-chaff burn if your proactiveness hasn't paid off? 

CeraVe's Moisturising Cream comes laden with 3 essential ceramides & hyaluronic acid to help restore the protective skin barrier of the skin. It feels amazingly soothing on irritated thighs, plus some smart delivery tech means a controlled release for all-day hydration.

CeraVe Moisturising Cream - SHOP 

Stride on in safety fellow thigh-touchers! 

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