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Has Your White T-Shirt Turned Yellow? This Is Why

It's not you, we promise.

One spray is all it takes...

There’s a reason why white shirts, cotton tees, denim jeans, and blouses are considered part of the everywoman capsule wardrobe: they’ve all earned their status as classic, effortless staples that go with everything.

However, when your crisp white tees continue to show their age and you’re forced to relegate them to the bin time and time again, there can be an influx of climate guilt can become chronically overwhelming. 

But aged white tees are a lot like your past relationships, maybe it's not you or the tee? Maybe it’s your deodorant.

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest reason for those unsightly yellow pit stains is not your sweat, but in fact, is a chemical reaction between your perspiration and the aluminium in your deodorant.

To avoid this, forego your regular deodorant and switch to an aluminium-free formula instead. Brands like Vichy, Nuxe and Lush are a good place to start. 

It's also recommended to apply antiperspirant before going to bed. The idea is that applying antiperspirant at night is more effective than applying deodorant in the morning and you'll avoid getting the product on your clothing. 

As for what to do when yellow stains creep up on your whites? Depending on the label instructions - wash, hand wash, or dry clean your tee right away. The worst thing you can do is leave the stain to set in.

To deal with heavier, white tshirt stains, soak your garment in hot water and a non-chlorine-based bleach for 30 minutes before washing. 

Try it yourself, and you'll never have to toss out your favourite white organic cotton tee ever again. (Which, you've gotta admit, is the real pits.)

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