The One Show On Netflix Everyone Should Watch This Weekend

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If you thought Stranger Things was supernatural...prepare yourself for I Am Not Okay. 

So we all know Hollywood lives for a good reboot and remake - and if we're being honest, we do too, but sometimes a brand new movie or TV show will come along and things are even more similar than we expected.

Like Netflix's latest series, I Am Not Okay With This. 

Netflix describes the show as an “irreverent origin story” which tells the story of Sydney, a teenage girl who navigates the usual high school awkwardness, family drama, unrequited crush of her best friend and her budding sexuality. Sounds familiar, right?

But there’s also another thing she’s forced to contend with that isn’t so normal for girls of her age – the onset of mysterious superpowers that are beginning to awaken deep within her. Also sounds familiar, right?

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The seven-part series is adapted from the book by Charles Forsman, of the same name and is directed by Jonathan Entwistle - who has also worked on the likes of The End of the F***king World and Big Mouth. Oh, and to really hone home the Stranger Things angle, the show is also being produced by the producers of Stranger Things.

What's more, the series comes with quite the lineup of stars. Sophia Lillis (who starred in the horror film It as Beverly Marsh) who plays Sydney will be joined by Wyatt Oleff (ItGuardians of the Galaxy), Sofia Bryant (The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Suspicion), Kathleen Rose Perkins (Gone Girl, Person of Interest), Aidan Wojyak-Hissong (Lets Go Luna!, Playdate), Richard Ellis (Veronica Mars) and Zachary Williams (I Am Frankie).

The full series of I Am Not Okay will be available on Netflix from February 26. 

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