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HOW TO: Take Holiday Snaps Like An Influencer

Because if you didn't Instagram it, did it even really happen?

All you need to know to ensure your Instagram feed could rival that of Failte Ireland.

You might have done the staycation shopping spree, but every social media savant knows an impressive reel of holiday photos requires more than just an expertly-packed wardrobe.

From the background to knowing your angles and 'the smize' 2.0, there's a lot that goes into getting the perfect holiday shot, so we've rounded up the top tips for getting some snaps that are guaranteed to cause a little jealousy in your 'followers' group. 

Scroll on to know how the Insta-Set guarantee all of those likes - even if they are hidden (you'll still know)...


TOP TIP: Maximise use of the golden hour – a.k.a., the most flattering time to take a photo (especially a selfie).

This magical moment occurs just after sunrise and just before sunset - when the sun is highest in the sky and the light is warmer and softer.

Avoid the glaring midday sun too. Snapping pics in the harsh light can often lead to overexposed images. 


TOP TIP: From beautiful buildings to what you had for lunch, make something the focal point of your picture by tapping it on the screen – this gets your smartphone camera to focus on a particular object, or person, for extra sharpness and increased depth and field.

Use your smartphone’s grid mode to create more balanced, visually-pleasing images. Consider less-than-typical angles too, to give your grid some added interest. 


TOP TIP: Whether it’s a selfie of your sun-kissed skin, a nonchalant street style shot or glamorous pool-side snap, it’s well worth taking note of some tried-and-tested poses from your favourite Instagram stars. 

To get the most out of your Instagram husband, tell them to take lots of photos continually as you move and pose differently. You’re bound to have one postable shot out of the bunch. 

Attention To Detail

TOP TIP: Choose backdrops that complement the colours in your outfit or find inventive ways of capturing your accessories; adding an on-trend handbag to the frame can make a simple shot of your morning coffee even more algorithm-friendly.  

Using a prop – be it a killer pair of sunglasses or a champagne glass – will add more personality to an image and make it stand out more. 

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