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These Are The 13 Inspiring Irish Women You Need To Read About Today

If you thought there was no more trailblazing to be had, think again.

Prepare to be inspired IT girls...

What is a gamechanger in 2019? In an overly saturated world spoilt for choice, it can be difficult to source some new innovation and creativity feeling as if someone has already beaten you to the punch.

Although modern technology has been a revolution and allowed people to thrive, it is not without its faults. The internet, smartphones and social media have unleashed a whole new world of opportunity for the price of self-security. Second-nature tech-savvy generations are riddled with anxiety, insecurity and lack of confidence due to the consent image of perfection pushed upon us at all times. When did it become acceptable to forfeit our individuality and ambitions in order to conform and blend in with social norms? - it didn’t, and in case you needed a gentle reminder to rebel against expectations Irish Tatler’s incredible Game Changers are here for encouragement. 

No law, disability, insecurity, fear or challenge was going to hinder these thirteen fierce, female powerhouses from reaching their goals. 20x20 movement founders Sarah Colgan and Heather Thornton, down syndrome model Kate Grant, singer Soulé, Ailbhe and Izzy Keane of Izzy Wheels, beauty brand Moxi Loves entrepreneur, Pamela Laird, DJ and radio presenter Tara Stewart, model, author and body activist Roz Purcell, photographer Vanessa Ifediora, sustainability champion, Flossie Donnelly, illustrator, author and comedian Aoife Dooley and Amnesty International campaigner, Grainne Taggart represent truly inspiring women that have generated positive change in all aspects of life while championing individuality and remaining true to themselves. 

As high achievers and role models these amazing, courageous women took a leap of faith and continue to soar. With that in mind, we will have the same cocktail of courage and confidence, please.

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Publiée par Irish Tatler sur Mardi 22 octobre 2019

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