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5 Things That Zap Your Creativity on Instagram

Do it for the 'gram

How to make your Instagram feed stand out in a sea of flat lays...

Instagram is a lot of things to a lot of people. Some use it to exclusively share content of their pets (guilty) whilst others use it to turn their small business into a multi-million dollar company. Whether it be a video of your dog rolling in leaves or a shot of blended eyeshadow, we all use it as a platform to evolve our creative expression. 

However, the truth of the matter is most people tend to feel out of sorts creatively when creating content for their feed. Instagram is a comparison trap comparing the visuals you love to reality of what you can actually produce. 

It's time to embrace the 'carefree' visual style you admire so much with the below Instagram feed ideas. 

Expecting to Be Perfect

Practice makes perfect - granted, a cliché but it's become all the more relevant thanks to the dawning age of Instagram. Like any lifelong pursuit, styling and photography are all about practice, practice, practice. Give yourself permission to get messy, make mistakes and learn from them. Besides, being real is far more interesting than being polished. 

The Same Image x10

Unless your Instagram profile has a very specific them - for example, all flat lays or food shots - it's important to vary the types of shots you share on your feed. Not only will it lift the restriction of having to create the same image every.single.time, but it will also keep your followers engaged. Explore the idea of incorporating frames, use unconventional angles, change your lighting - the options are endless. 

Less I, More S

Speaking of flat lays, an image that moves the eye through the frame creates a dynamic feel meaning the image will become memorable. The simplest way to achieve a memorable shot every time is to position the object in your photo to resemble an 'S' shape. Although posed, the photo will come across as if you haven't touched it at all. And if there's one thing that Instagram loves more than a filter, it's being candid. 

Hashtag Same Filter

Just like you can have a favourite colour, favourite movie, favourite ice cream flavour - we all have our favourite filters. Sure, it helps to create a cohesive aesthetic but not every image you take is taken in identical lighting meaning that not even your favourite filter is guaranteed to work. Instead, have a selection of similar filters and always be sure to adjust temperature, tone, shadows, and highlights.

Not Realising There Are Other Apps Than Instagram

We live in the age of the internet, so harness the power of apps. Whatever the function you're looking for - there's an app for it. From photo editing, frames, feed planning, Instagram stories, there's a whole world of apps built specifically to enhance Instagram. Get and the app store and go wild. 

Main image by Kira Adam 

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