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Here's What That Donation Sticker Means On Instagram Stories

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Instagram's latest feature is here to make influencers, influential

Activism on social media tends to get a bad rap for being all talk, and no action. But Instagram's latest feature is set to change that.

Starting from yesterday, Instagram will now feature a donation sticker across the platform in all countries meaning users will now be able to raise funds for nonprofit organisations.

The new tool was announced earlier this year when it was currently on trial in the U.S. Fast forward two months and it would seem the fundraising feature has passed trial stages as it is now available to all users, globally. 

Instagram Stories first launched back in August of 2016 where a stickers' sole purpose was to "jazz up" said stories. Three years on, they're no longer just pretty pictures: they actually serve a function. From polls to music, to countdowns and gifs, stickers now come packed with charitable good. 

To use the donation tool to start a fundraiser on Instagram, users simply need to take or upload a photo to their Instagram Story, tap the sticker icon and select 'donation'. Once clicked into, there will then be a list of non-profit organisations you can choose to support. Then publish your Story the same way you always do, and voila! Once the Story goes live, you'll then be able to track how much you've raised at any time by swiping up on the Story. 

On the flip side, if you see a donation sticker in a Story of someone you follow supporting a cause you too wish to support, all you have to do is tap the 'donate' button on the sticker and follow the instruction that will follow. 

While many users are praising Instagram for the latest feature, some are suspicious that Instagram will profit from the new function. However, according to Instagram, 100 per cent of the money raised through donation stickers will go directly to the non-profit organisation you're supported. 

Organizations currently available to support in Instagram’s donation sticker options include Black Girls CODE, No Kid Hungry, the ASPCA, the Malala Fund, GLAAD, and the Nature Conservancy, among a wide range of others. 

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