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7 Summer Interior Trends To Inspire Your DIY Home Makeover

From tropical prints to boujee pet beds, these are the trends experts say will be huge.

If there's one perfect moment to update your home, it's now.

When you spend so much time at home, as most of us currently are, you begin to realise the things about your space that you want to change. And while we don’t condone rushing off to the hardware store and taking matters into your own hands, there’s certainly no better time to plan your next interior decorating move than this moment of stillness we’re currently in.

By now, you've probably rearranged the furniture, painted the garden fence and you finally found the time to build that flatpack dresser you've had stashed away...just me? So what more can you do? Apparently a lot, according to Natasha Rocca Devine, an award-winning Interior Design Staging Specialist at The Interiors NRD:

"With summer beckoning, it might be time to rethink your home aesthetic to match the season. There are so many little changes you can make around the house to lift your mood and update the interiors as to what is in fashion right now in terms of colours, prints and styles."

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So, with that in mind, we picked Devine's brain on the interior trends for Summer 2020 that will inspire your DIY Home Makeover. Plus the best on-trend pieces you can have delivered safely to your door. 


"Looking at the same white walls and grey interiors can get dull fast, and that’s why recent months have seen the return of the maximalist trend. Think over the top patterns, clashing colours and textures and random statement pieces of furniture, or rugs and wallpaper that scream for attention," says Devine. "If you want to play with this theme, a mix of maximalist against minimalist is ideal for the right balance. Safari prints placed against muted tones or colours such as grey, navy and black can suggest a more modern maximalist, elegant finish and this pattern works well within the maximalist theme. Try out some maximalist prints in wallpaper, throws and accessories, against the existing styles in your home."

Wight Cylinder Pouffe, €431, Missoni 


"With holidays called off for now, there is a trend for incorporating nature, outdoors and tropical themes in our homes and lives to lift our moods. Bring the outdoors indoors by adding in natural materials, fun leafy prints, green and wicker furniture and nature-inspired statement pieces and accessories in the homestead," advises Devine. "If you have a good-sized garden, now is the time to invest in some quality garden furniture (Lidl and Aldi have some excellent pieces right now) to relax this summer so you can enjoy some fresh air in style. Plants are also a great way of lifting a room and boost our wellbeing."


"Prints from the past are hot right now, particularly in wallpapers and fabrics this summer," says Devine. "Companies such as Cole & Son and Mural Wallpaper are sharing historical prints of culture, past and present, with a modern touch. Applying printed wallpaper to feature on walls in halls, bathrooms or a child’s bedroom can transform a space."

Chippendale China Wallpaper, samples from €2, Cole & Son


 "Creativity is currently trending so get making and doing," recommends Devine. "Go and root out that old piece of furniture hidden in your attic and try sanding and painting it. Move around some furniture for a new feel in your bedroom. Alternatively, invest in pieces that are vintage such as mid-century pieces – the 70s is having a moment right now, or perhaps the bohemian look is for you so you can get creative by framing things like records or hanging up musical instruments on the walls. The juxtaposition of a mid-century modern chair sitting on a brightly coloured statement rug can elevate a room."


"The sustainable trend is not going anywhere, with lots of high street shops such as H&M and Ikea offering sustainable edits, which is great to see," notes Devine. "Irish brands such as Makers and Brothers, Bunny and Clyde, Home Street Home, Avoca and candle companies such as Brooke and Shoals all offer sustainable products sourced locally. Small additions to your lifestyle supporting both local business and the global environment are positive for all at this time".

Conscious Patterned cotton table runner, €9.99, H&M Home


"Spaces to hide out, relax and retreat are what many of us are craving right now, with being at home for longer periods of time and there is a trend for using those neglected spaces right now," says Devine. "Now is the time to make that underused spare room your haven of tranquillity. It’s all about exploring our hobbies right now, so turn these free spaces into hobby rooms for yoga, music, a space for games, sewing or writing. I find adding some statement shelving is a budget-friendly way of lifting a room, and you will have fun curating what goes on your shelves. It’s all about the “shelfie” right now."


"45% of adults aged 50 years and over in Ireland own a pet- we are a nation of pet devotees," tells Devine. "With that plus spending more time at home, there is a focus on investing in pet interiors within the home. There are some companies making mini armchairs and day beds for pets which can make for such an adorable feature in a room. Carpenters can also get creative by fitting in custom made pet beds in utility rooms and under the stairs. You can style pet areas to match the furnishings of a room too and don’t forget the stunning accessories available right now like dog bowls and jars for storing treats."

Spaniels Medium Pet Bed, €58, Sophie Allport

Main image by Alyssa Strohmann 

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