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This New Netflix Show Is Essentially Lost – Except On A Plane

Maybe not getting on a plane anytime soon isn't so bad after all...

Hungry for your next fix of apocalyptic TV during lockdown?

So we all know Hollywood lives for a good reboot and remake - and if we're being honest, we do too, but sometimes a brand new movie or tv show will come along and things are even more similar than we expected.

Like Netflix's latest TV show, Into The Night. 

Given the fact the streaming giant announces 1000 new shows a day, we didn’t bat an eyelid until we heard the description. The official description reads, “When the sun starts to kill everything in its path, a plane full of passengers must travel at night in an attempt to escape its destructive power and find some place safe. Sound familiar?

Netflix's UK and Ireland Twitter account even dubbed the thriller: "Lost meets Snowpiercer meets the Midnight episode of Doctor Who." 

The six-part sci-fi drama, available to stream now, follows a group of passengers boarding an overnight flight heading west from Brussels to Moscow. In what initially appears to be a hijack, gun-wielding Italian soldier Terenzio (Stefano Cassetti) forces his way through the gates and onto the flight, demanding the flight take off immediately.

It soon transpires that Terenzio is not the terrorist that passengers presume him to be, but one of the only survivors of a deadly worldwide event brought on by exposure to sunlight. The mysterious cosmic phenomenon means that "sunlight now means death". Urging fellow passengers that he's trying to save their lives, Terenzio advises that the plane must go west quickly.

What follows next is a scramble to outrace the sun as the strange event wreaks havoc on the world below. Tensions inevitably arise between the passengers, who include grief-stricken Sylvie (Pauline Etienne), struggling to process a bereavement, a young boy destined for life-saving surgery in Moscow, and a social media influencer.

Will it live up to Lost's name? Probably not. But will that stop us from streaming it tonight? Absolutely not. 

Main image by @lolo_lost on Instagram

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