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The Most Watched YouTube Videos In Ireland Have Been Revealed

And it seems that gossip reigns supreme.

The most-watched videos by users of YouTube in Ireland in 2019 have been revealed. 

And, according to the annual list, we are a mixed bunch. 

Published on Thursday, the top ten showcases a huge amount of variety in the forms of conspiracy theories, comedy sketches and gossip-laden responses. 

Taking first place as the most-watched video in Ireland this year was a 41-minute video entitled No More Lies in which teenage make-up artist James Charles responded to allegations made against him by fellow beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook.

The video addressed criticism the beauty vlogger had received from Westbrook in a video she had posted with the aim to call out and “cancel” him. To date, Charles’s video response has amassed over 18 million hits.

Coming in second on the list was Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson, a series which sees the vlogger covering a series of popular conspiracy theories including whether exclusive retailers Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch use “subliminal messaging”.

The YouTuber and his friends discuss in detail in the video whether the conspiracy theories could be true.

Dublin-based comedy group Foil Arms and Hog took third place in the most-watched videos of the year with When Irish People Can’t Speak English, a comedic take on what can happen when you lie about your ability to speak fluent Irish.

Rounding out the list were a Hurricane Lorenzo weather warning, James Corden playing a prank on footballer David Beckham and a video of Gordon Ramsay tasting some of the spiciest chicken wings in the world made the final place on the list.

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