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#BeautifulToMe: An Editor's Introduction To Our August Issue

On Shelves Now.

Editor of Irish Tatler magazine, Sarah Macken on #beautifultome and just what you can expect to find in the August issue of Irish Tatler.

Growing up, I remember a time when the magazines I cherished so dearly would implore you, on the cover no less, to ‘find those hip bones’.

My, how our language surrounding body image has changed since. Today, thankfully, many magazines proffer inclusivity, diversity and acceptance. Way bacK when did those words affect me?

Perhaps. Looking back, as a 'barely size eight' who was obsessed with being overweight, I was completely body dysmorphic – what I would give now to go back and tell fifteen-year-old me that a) you are, in fact, frightfully skinny and b) none of it matters a damn anyway.

Today, the term ‘beauty’ has evolved into a kind of shorthand for feeling good about yourself, mentally and physically, at any size, in any skin. There’s beauty to be found in confidence, in bravery, in speaking up for yourself, in being an individual. Much of what we say today surrounding body image could be regarded as tokenism.

Yet, I still believe it’s wholly necessary. Because, sadly, not everyone is singing from the same, all-inclusive, hymn sheet.

We live in a time where body-shaming is still an everyday occurrence; a time when our bodies are still not our own. Most startlingly, we are charged with being our most authentic selves 24/7, yet we are fed a pseudo-reality of beauty through our newsfeeds that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are some positive changes – and that’s what we are here to talk about. So to this, our biggest beauty special ever.

Our main objective? To hear your thoughts on beauty today. In our largest spanning beauty survey to date, the insights were fascinating.

Unsurprisingly, a whopping 75 per cent of users stated they do not feel represented by content in mass media today. In spite of our constant exposure to cosmetic procedures, we’re still rather sheepish IRL, with 20 per cent of women surveyed confessing their Beauty Dirty Little Secret involves plastic surgery. Naturally, we are in a time of constant comparison.

And it shows, with very few of us (just over five per cent) admitting we don’t fall prey to constantly comparing their looks to others - looking at you, Instagram.

Self-Image + Social Media

When it comes to self-image, social media is quite the double-edged sword; inspiring yet objectifying all at once. Thankfully, there are some true trailblazers leading the quest to nurture a community through honest and inspiring advice. Instagram sensation and makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is one such woman, defiantly leading the charge. She’s an authentic voice that’s risen above the white noise to deliver no-holds-barred beauty knowledge to her incredibly engaged community.

She’s swimming against the filtered, flawless, poreless, full glam beat and reminding us that pores are a thing, fine lines are fine and everyone doesn’t have to look the same. As well as that, our annual Beauty Awards have returned with aplomb, as the ultimate go-to guide of the products we truly rate – from old reliables to new-gen wonders – to give you your best face, skin and hair yet, regardless of budget.

We had a mission to represent women of all kinds in this issue, which is why we created project #beautifultome. What does feeling beautiful mean to women at all stages of life? Women who see their bodies, not as something to critique, but rather incredible vehicles that survive life-threatening diseases, or as strong, capable entities that defy all odds on a daily basis. In today’s frenetic world, how do you know what beauty advice to pass to your own daughter?

Does seeing someone like you in a magazine have enough power to affect how you see yourself, for the better? I sincerely hope so. Let’s take this as a starting point at least.

After all, there is a beauty in small beginnings.

For the full article, check out this month's Irish Tatler. On shelves now.

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