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Against all odds, the June issue of Irish Tatler is here! We feel incredibly privileged that we still get to produce a fashion magazine during these uncertain times. But the truth is, it’s needed – now, more than ever.

Both documenting this period in real-time and delivering a safe haven of distraction, we wanted to fill the pages of this issue with content that encouraged staying at home, keeping your world a little bit smaller to serve the greater good and provide a touchpoint for how to survive self-isolation. Inside, you can expect prescient themes touching on what we’re doing now - isolating, getting cosy in our homes, binge-watching Normal People - but we’re also starting to raise our heads a little; to consider ‘what’s next’.

Making this issue has, without doubt, been one of the most interesting (and galvanising) in our history, but we’re so proud of the end result. For us, content-highlights include; speaking to Irish couples that are self-isolating together and still managing to stay creative, we took a look at the future of travel and sought out some long-game career advice from industry experts, we even shot this month's fashion editorial entirely via FaceTime. Oh, and let's not forget our cover star, the ever-vivacious Angela Scanlon. In the cover interview, Angela speaks about the transformative quality of lockdown. 

Please support Irish print by picking up a copy and revelling in it.

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