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Irish Tatler's Latest Podcast: The Sustainable Guide to Living, Part 2

"The one thing I've garnered from speaking to designers and industry experts alike is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness."

It's not easy being green. Or is it more achievable than we thought? 

When we stop to think about the impact the decisions we make on a daily basis have on the greater good of green, we can feel a bit despairing. 

However, what is within our power is to take a stand on an individual basis and control what we can.

Editor Sarah Macken delves into the state of sustainability in Ireland and the #onesmallchange you can bring into your life on the day-to-day. 

Is compostable plastic actually just cleverly marked 'good plastic'? Can you really recycle everything you're putting in your green bin? And who are the brands that really show transparency when it comes to dressing ethically? 

In the second part of this sustainable fashion series, we discuss how to effect change in your life that can have real positive impact. 


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