Introducing Irish Tatler's Weekend Essay, Written By You

If you've ever dreamed about writing something down or getting thoughts onto paper (digital paper, in our case), now's the opportune time.

While mastering a new hobby in isolations isn't necessary, we're here if you do fancy it.

For most of us, our primary pastimes pre-lockdown included eating out in restaurants, sampling new cocktail menus bars, exercising in sweaty gyms we never thought we'd miss and supporting all of the various 'non-essential' businesses we fancied. Those kind of leisure activities are, of course, paused for the time being, leaving the lucky among us stuck inside for the foreseeable, vibrating on an axis somewhere between anxious and bored.

From what we've gathered on the internet (yup, we've completed it), there seems to be two very separate schools of thought when it comes to filling those at-home hours; some have taken to optimising personal productivity, exploring new hobbies with the fervour that once reserved for, well, all the other stuff they used to do. Oppositely, others are lying prone, perhaps floored by panic, illness, grief or indeed, a heady mix of all three. 

Despite what the first group might have you believe, no divine judgment will befall you if you haven't honed a complex new craft by the end of confinement, however, at Irish Tatler, we’ve always been keen on keeping our corner of the internet as collaborative as possible and are very much aware that our audience might have a little more time on their (thoroughly washed) hands currently.

And so, with that...

Allow us to introduce The Weekend Essay, written by you. 

Irish Tatlers' Weekend Essay 

We envision Irish Tatler's Weekend Essays as personal writings or opinion pieces on any topic, penned by our readers, published on our website on Sundays and shared across our social media channels. 

For us going forward, crediting external voices on the site will be an invaluable way of putting context on this new world, keeping our community connected and illuminating diverse points of view.

quality thinking over clickbait

Rewarding quality thinking over clickbait, we welcome submissions from all levels of writing-experience – whether you're a graduate, experienced journalist or renowned expert – and would hope that our platform becomes home to a growing team of inspiring content creators who have much to share. 

In terms of themes, we're particularly interested in pieces that are well-researched, topical, fact-based, focused, personal, balanced, emotive or commentary on current events or trends. (Bonus points if you can nail a few of those!)

With regards to helping your story to stand out, we'd encourage writing what you know, telling us something others cannot and considering relevancy to our audience.

We want to publish more conversation staters than concluded arguments, so pose pithy questions and make persuasive cases. 

Entires should run from 600 to 1,200 words, be completely original and cannot directly promote a person/brand/product. 

How to submit an Entry

If you have a submission to share, it's best to send it to our digital editor, Amy at [email protected] with 'The Weekend Essay' in the subject title, if possible. (She's an inbox hoarder!)

All entries will be acknowledged and we aim to come back to you within three days. It might be the case that your initial submission turns out to be a working draft and our editor could suggest ways of making the language more engaging or strengthening the argument. A final version will always be shared with you for approval before publishing, however.

We look forward to reading your work.