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Is Ending A Date When It's No Longer Fun For You Cruel Or Fair?

How do you navigate the dating scene in a mentally health-conscious world?

In a world where the topic of consent is omnipresent, forgive us if we're thrilled that the idea of opting out of tricky romantic situations has been made easier. 

With the rise of Bumble, Ask For Angela and the numerous dating trends that have cropped up in recent times – women are finally in the driving seat when it comes to curating romantic endeavours.

But, what about when it's a man?

That's when the situation gets muddled. 

Jack Fincham wasn't the most popular contestant on Tuesday night's Celebs Go Dating, following the abrupt end to one particular date.

During the romantic evening, last year's Love Island champion had clearly had enough of the wining and dining and quickly revealed to his date that he'd "had enough" of their night.

During the scene, Jack casually told his date: "To be fair, I'm tired now. I've had enough today..." before receiving some well-earned daggers from the other side of the table.

"I've not had enough of you, I've not had enough of you, I'm just tired," he backtracked. "Shall I get you a cab home?"

The situation rubbed viewers up the wrong way, to say the least. Social media viewers berated Fincham to the point of outrage, claiming that the former good guy of reality television has lost his crown. 

But, is telling someone how you really feel really that offensive?

Both wellness and mental health have solidified themselves as steadfast pillars within the millennial's remit. And, thankfully so. 

The #MeToo movement has brought a tidal wave of social change, giving a voice to victims of sexual harassment and holding their perpetrators accountable.

Culturally and traditionally as Irish people, our way of fielding issues was to put yourself second and everything else first. However, things have changed. Talking about how you feel and acting upon it (without wanting to sound too like Curtis Pritchard) is as paramount as it is encouraged by every ladies bathroom wall. 

In today’s ambiguous dating landscape, where a fetishisation of ‘playing it cool’ inhibits honest conversations about what people are and aren’t comfortable with, it’s undoubtedly one we need to be asking.

Obviously one hopes that #MeToo will continue to create a supportive network and deter sexual predators from acting, but has the movement’s stratospheric sociopolitical rise also inadvertently fostered a culture of fear in the dating scene?

Now, Jack Fincham's situation is, thankfully, in no way sexually inclined. However, he has been outspoken about his mental health struggles and anti-depressant use

In a highly-pressurised situation (a first date! on live television!) one could be forgiven for wanting to bow out early of a failing kinship that's caused your anxiety to flare. 

Perhaps he could have gone about it a gentler way, we're not defending that, but is protecting himself and not leading your date on simply a better option?

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