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5 Minutes With Stylish Creative Jessica Garland-Blake

Jessica Garland-Blake proves that her Irish charm is just as strong in London.

We're beginning to notice that success seems to follow the Irish-abroad.

Jessica Garland-Blake is an Irish fashion and lifestyle influencer based in London. 

Her blog and Instagram page, 'I Have This Thing For' features dreamy, aesthetic images of style, food, travel, interiors and life in the busy but beautiful London city. 

Jessica graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion and continues to flourish as a creative. Earning success in one of the trickiest cities in the world jammed with like-minded hopefuls warrants a huge admiration from anyone hoping to do the same. 

Amid the fashion month chaos, we grabbed five minutes Jessica to get to know her a little better, and of course, settle the Taytos vs. Walkers debate.

What is your favourite book?

I'm currently reading ‘How to Change Your Mind’ by Michael Pollan, I’m only halfway through but it’s brilliant…it’s not a fashion book!

What advice would you give to someone making the move to London?

That the first year might be the hardest of your life but it will be so worth it. Actually, go and get the coffee with your best friends brother’s girlfriend. Order a Boots, Tesco, or any loyalty card to make setting up a bank account easier! 

Describe your style in three words?

Adaptable, feminine...ephemeral.

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Delighted in Dublin

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What would you say to someone who feels anxious about posting on Instagram?

I have never really felt anxious about posting when half of my income was coming from my own Instagram.

I became nervous when my engagement started to drop and that’s when I made a transition into events. Unless it’s your job and you’re relying on that income then I don’t know why you’d be nervous about not getting the likes? 

What was the highlight of studying at the London College Of Fashion (LCF)?

I studied at Grafton Academy before moving to London and honestly that was, in my opinion, a much better experience.

It was such a technical course and those skills got me through my degree course at the LCF. I would advise anyone thinking of going to LCF or any other university that has a great name for itself to talk to past students and see what they actually learned. However, I know having LCF on my CV opened doors.

If you could have brunch with anybody in the fashion industry who would it be?

Ahhh too many, Laura Brown, Grace Coddington, Leandra Medine and I need to have a word with the Olsen twins who made me glamorise Starbucks and cigarettes for far too long.

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Knits & Slips on the blog

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What fashion trend hurts your feelings?

Trends! The underboob from this summer, girls in clothes they’re clearly not comfortable in... I’m SO into an ugly shoe but I can’t stand the square toe and it’s everywhere thanks to Bottega Veneta.

How do you source your content inspiration for your blog and Instagram page?

I used to spend so much time on this. I used a lot of photoshop to add my own paint splashes, I researched locations and worked with different photographers too.

Now, I just think about when I can actually schedule a shoot and where in the city is going to work for me. So it’s actually a lot more organic now. 

What is your go-to anthem to get you pumped and ready for fashion week?

This season I’ve had 93 ‘Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief on repeat! 

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Beans and chips at the ‘caff’  @josowry

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Can you share one unglamorous truth about London Fashion Week?

The 18 hour days!

What are you hoping to manifest in 2020?

That’s a secret, but I have just started listening to a lot of Lacy Philips.

Taytos or Walkers?

Ah here, Taytos forever and always!

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