You might feel invincible in the gym: but is your jewellery?

With the athleisure industry having us all backed into a corner, it seems like looking good while doing your workout of choice is almost as important as your performance. Ok, we might be exaggerating: but hear us out.

It's an age-old trick to invest in sleek gym gear in order to keep yourself motivated and sign up for that spin or HIIT class you usually dread. Between co-ordinated sets, sports leggings that cost more than your skinny jeans, and now even makeup specifically formulated for sweating in, it feels like those holy gray tracksuit bottoms aren't going to cut the mustard anymore.


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Recently, we've noticed another element that's upping the ante even further when it comes to a gym look: co-ordinated, layered jewellery. There's no "I woke up like this" element for certain women, whose head-to-toe gym'fit is so artfully styled you would swear they were about to hit the runway not the treadmill.

We're all for adding personality and flare to an otherwise boring gym look, such as the addition of your signature earrings or rings. However, what will all that perspiration do to your precious baubles? Here's your guide on what to flaunt and what to stash in the locker.

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First off, if your accessories of choice are plated, as opposed to solid gold or sterling silver, you're best off removing them to avoid wear and tear of the plating. Gold and platinum aren't invincible either. All metals are softer than you might think, and can be scratched, bent, or warped if they are frequently in contact with heavy dumbbells and barbells. Likewise, opals and pearls are bound to scratch easy, so keep them locked up elsewhere.


Many people will opt to keep their engagement and/or wedding ring firmly on their fingers while they pike or plié, alas be careful of rings with stones which can easily be chipped or damaged during exercise.

Also, consider the activity at hand. Wearing a priceless gem to your yoga class is one thing, but for rough-and-tumble sports like boxing, it's probably best to leave that Million Dollar Baby at home.

Solid Gold Hawthorn Infinity Ring€449, Chupi


Look for earrings that don't dangle below your earlobes. Anything bigger than a delicate hoop should be avoided, to avoid getting caught in equipment, hair, or distracting you mid-sweat sesh. Dainty stud earrings are the ideal here.

Crystal Embellished Circle Studs€115, Isabel Marant via Brown Thomas


Say sayonara to anything that dangles, tangles, or has a loose clasp. A chain that fits close to the neck is the perfect gym companion.

Sweet Nothing 14-Karat-Gold Choker€190, Catbird

*Tip! You might be tough, but all of your challenging workouts can dull your jewellery's shine. Ensure damage from sweat and chlorine doesn't set in by cleaning your pieces regularly in warm water, a mild soap, and a soft brush.