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What Tonight's Lunar Eclipse Means For You And Your Sign

Get ready to flip a coin, the lunar eclipse wants you to make some serious decision.

Strap in for round two of the eclipse series.

Two weeks ago we had a solar eclipse, which hopefully sparked some healthy (and perhaps even spiritual) growth in your life. You may have released what wasn’t working for you and welcomed some new energy in. Now, it's time for the lunar eclipse to have it's fun.

Tonight, July 16, a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn will occur. Eclipses happen approximately four to six times a year, each one bringing with it new energies and emotions. Since lunar eclipses only occur on full moons, their astrological significance typically results in us focusing internally on our feelings and perceptions of reality.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is located directly between the sun and moon. Because of this, the moon is either fully or partially blocked from the light of the sun. Which in non-astrological terms basically means that the moon just disappears. Usually being in Ireland, we don't get to witness such cosmic events but tonight brings us a partial lunar eclipse meaning the Earth’s shadow will be seen on only a small part of the moon making the eclipse viable to Australia, Africa, South America and Europe.

While the solar eclipse two weeks ago marked new beginnings, tonight at exactly 21:01:43 the lunar eclipse will mark the ending of something in your life. 

This eclipse is especially loaded, as its location in Capricorn is associated with business, hard work and ambition. This means all signs may want to look toward their jobs, careers and/or education. Are you stuck in a career rut? Toying with the idea of going for a promotion? Been headhunted for a new job? Tonight's moon is here to close all those chapters. 

Because this lunar eclipse is in Capricorn, it's also important to note that we're not in control of our discipline and practicality. Which means working overtime off your own accord and setting unrealistic goals are doing more harm than good. Take this time to pause and find a sustainable pace - this will be essential in achieving success whilst also not resenting your everyday life. Because just like your wardrobe, your job, dreams and relationship should spark joy. 

While the eclipse is set to last precisely, 2 hours and 58 minutes - the July lunar eclipse will impact all zodiac signs, but naturally, Capricorn will feel it the most, followed by Aries, Cancer and Libra. 

If lunar eclipse rituals are your thing, or you’re looking to do something to help you mark an accomplishment or waiting for the 'perfect' time to let go of a painful situation - now is the time to heal and break toxic cycles.

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