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What Tonight's Solar Eclipse Means For You And Your Sign

Get ready for a flood of feelings…scratch that, it's set to be tsunami...

Deep. Breaths.

Tuesday, July 2 marks a solar eclipse in Cancer. This means that at approximately 7:16 P.M., the moon will obscure the sun as it passes on its typical rotation around Earth. Usually, this mean we get to see a cool, eye-of-Sauron type of diffused ring surrounding the moon but this time around, the blockage will result in a complete lack of direct sunlight which will lead to one thing, and one thing only: a flood of feelings. 

July's solar eclipse is emotionally charged, bringing unexpected developments and rapid changes. Some of these will be positive (in fact, most of them should be) but there's no guarantee how momentous these emotionally charged moonbeams will be. 

Tonight's is going to feel as if someone suddenly switching off the lights, leaving you to fumble around in the dark. In this situation, you can no longer rely on your go-to powers to guide you, instead, you're forced to activate other "sights" like intuition. Tonight should be no different, your sixth sense will be your saving grace during the solar eclipse. 

Eclipses are a time for swift and decisive action. They'll inspire change, speed up energy and demand attention. You'll find yourself wondering if you have all the comfort and security you crave - and, if not, you'll wonder what on earth you can do get there. Whether it's time to stop drinking two cans of coke before 10am, and start chugging green breakfast smoothies, realising you're ready to take the next step in your relationship...or to say goodbye or maybe you'll finally have a Marie Kondo awakening - one thing's for sure: tonight's darkness means change and truth. 

While the eclipse is set to last precisely, 4 minutes and 32 seconds - the July solar eclipse will impact all zodiac signs, but Cancer will feel it the most, followed by Capricorn and Leo.

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