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Lindt Launches 'High Cocoa' Milk Chocolate Range, Right In Time For Festive Indulging

Made for us dark chocolate neophytes....

The ultimate mid-movie marathon snack! 

Come this time of year, there's nothing more pleasurable than an entire day spent on the couch, cuddled up nice and warm and watching back-to-back Christmas movies. It's the kind of indulgence you wouldn't tend to allow yourself, on days other than cold, dark, winter ones. 

And as no festive movie marathon is complete without ample snacking, Lindt has, very fittingly, just launched a new chocolate range for us to scoff on! 

As part of their 'Excellence' range, the Swiss chocolate makers wanted to deliver the benefits of darker chocolate, but with the creamy taste of milk chocolate and they've managed to do so via a higher percentage of cocoa. 

High % Cocoa Milk Chocolate

Typical milk chocolate might contain anywhere from 25 to 35 per cent cocoa but with Lindt's Excellence High % Cocoa Milk Chocolate range, you can choose bars made with 45 per cent, 55 per cent and 65 per cent cocoa content, while still savouring the delicious creaminess usually associated with milk chocolate treats. 

Each one delivers on the indulgence and excellence that consumers associate with the Lindt brand, while also providing a low-sugar benefit without compromising on taste.

Best of Both Worlds 

“Our overarching goal for the new range is to help break the stigma of dark chocolate being too bitter and milk chocolate being too sweet by creating a delicious bridge between both,” says Sinead Taylor, Excellence brand manager at Lindt Ireland.

While dark chocolate can sometimes be something of an acquired taste, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have worked tirelessly to create the ultimate blend of both worlds to suit all tastes! 

And taste them all, we shall! 

The new Lindt Excellence High % Cocoa Milk Chocolate bars are available from supermarkets nationwide, priced from €2.79. 

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