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5 Minutes With Blogger and Body Activist, Louise O'Reilly

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The word ‘Game Changer’ springs to mind when trying to describe Louise O’Reilly, a.k.a. Style Me Curvy, the well-known moniker of her award-winning fashion and beauty blog.

It is tricky to define how much of an incredibly positive impact this Dublin native has had on the fashion industry, notorious for its dated ideals of beauty and exclusivity. Although, in recent years it has become clear that such rigid traditions are no longer the driving force with more diversity being welcomed and celebrated thanks to the wonderful voices of the forward-thinking few - you guessed it, Louise is absolutely one of them. 

In a constantly evolving world, promoting old habits will only keep you in the dark.

Louise proves that your place in society is not determined by your size and fashion is for all who adore it. It is interesting how quickly we forget we have no control over the body we were born into, and why should we be punished and feel excluded from certain areas in life on account of this?

Louise champions body positivity, raises awareness around negative self-image and highlights how fashion can be such a trigger for this.

Not only is Louise one of the most glamorous bloggers circulating at the moment – wardrobe goals! – her charisma, familiarity and confidence have led to her success and exponential growth.

Her impressive work history spans features in Vogue Italia, Elle Spain and Stylist UK to name a few. Safe to say the fashion world’s cool heart is thawing. 

Enjoy our five-minute interview with the lovely Louise. 

How has the modelling industry shaped who you are today? 

Every step of the way has been a learning experience. In the modelling world, I was definitely thrown into the deep end of it, especially when I first started over 11 years ago. I was working in Germany and other parts of Europe trying to get around cities for castings when you don’t speak the language.

It’s not like you see in the movies where models are driven around in chauffeured cars. It’s totally different and you are very much left to your own devices. It pushed me massively to listen to my instincts, understand the importance of communication and to learn every single element of fashion.

You learn to become a multi-tasker - which I absolutely had to do, particularly when I set up Style Me Curvy 10 years ago. In many ways, it enhanced my obsession with fashion, but it also made me appreciate and be so grateful every day to get to do a job I love so much. 

Which accomplishment are you most proud of? 

My interview with Vogue Italia or my campaign for Schwarzkopf. I was one of the first curve models they shot with for a hair campaign. 

Which has been your least favourite fashion trend of 2019?  

I’m not a huge fan of the micro bag trend. I opt for practicality when it comes to my fashion purchases.

It’s party dress season, what will you be wearing? 

I’m definitely the kind of person who’s naturally drawn to dresses. Around Christmas time, it will either be something colourful, sequins, but most importantly comfortable! 

Growing up, did you ever feel pressured to look a certain way?

100%. As a teenager, I felt the need to conform to old school ideals and set-standards of beauty, e.g. being a certain size would equate to happiness and success. I struggled with my weight growing up and fashion options were extremely limited for size 16+ back then too.

What is your favourite Christmas song? 

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - the Frank Sinatra version. 

What makes you feel empowered? 

Being surrounded by empowering individuals. It is so incredibly important to be around people who lift you up. On a daily basis, when you work for yourself, you need to remember to take thirty minutes out of your day for yourself.

Exercise or read a good book, something that enables you to recharge your batteries so you can help others too. 

To me, fashion is... 

About exploring your own personal style. It’s about celebrating your personality and can also be your confidence booster, your comfort and your armour when you need it most. 

Where are you hoping to travel to in the new year? 

Every year I try to visit somewhere new, this year it was Marrakesh and Seville, last year it was Malta and Positano. I adore culture and travel so it’s something I really try to research in advance. My travel wish list is so long at this stage but at the top of it would be to see more of Italy.

I have Italian blood from my dad's side of the family. It was his favourite place and it’s one of my favourite countries too. I immediately feel at home when I’m there. 

Who would your dream dinner guest be? 

Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama. 

How do you change your attitude if you have woken up on the negative side of the bed? 

I try to put things into perspective. I write my to-do list, create focus and try to turn a day around where possible. Even when it comes to clothing, I go for the one outfit I know I will feel good in. It's the things that make small, positive changes to my day no matter what it might bring.

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