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Lauren Arthurs Spills The Tea On Career Moves, Fashion And Advice For Her Younger Self

WARNING: includes Meghan Markle level freckle goals

We grabbed five minutes with Lauren to discuss her lead-up to success, tea preferences and all things in between.

Lauren Arthurs is a Dublin based fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger whose style and genuineness has attracted over 95,000 followers. The Cork native’s blog and Instagram page, share a cocktail of outfit ideas, dreamy holidays and an occasional cocktail picture demonstrating current trends with a personal twist. Lauren champions individuality and staying true to yourself despite social media placing everyone involuntarily under a microscope with second nature scrutiny on the side. A sweet, feel-good follow for sure.

Q: Back to basics, what was your life like growing up? 

LL: My life was pretty hectic growing up but still traditional. My parents moved around a lot with work so we were living in a few different places around Ireland before we settled in Cork. I’m so glad they decided on Cork in the end as it’s where I soon later met my husband to be.

Q: Was becoming a blogger part of your plan? 

LL: No not at all. I studied Marketing in college in Cork for 4 years so I was always interested in that side of the industry and definitely hoped to work in fashion or events. In my final year of studies, we all had to set up a blog based on topics my lecturer decided on. When the module was complete, I did a little tweaking to my blog and made it a little fashion space and it all just took off from there. 

Q: What challenges did you face starting out in the influencer industry? 

LL: I guess I was one of the first going back 6 years ago so there weren't as many people to talk to about work and ask for advice from back then. Now I have a lovely community of blogger friends and it’s so nice to see them so frequently.

Q: What personal trait can you attribute to reaching your level of success? 

LL: This may seem like a negative thing, and sometimes it can be, but I put a lot of pressure on myself and sometimes I’m a little hard on myself but I’m very passionate and dedicated to what I do so I think that’s why I always persisted to making this a career. 

Q: Looking back, do you wish you had done anything in your career differently?

LL: You live and you learn with all jobs so I would never regret any decisions I made because it’s definitely how you learn but I’m pretty content with how it’s all gone over these past few years. 

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Q: What advice would you give to your younger self at the beginning of your career? 

LL: To not be so hard on myself and things always work out the way they’re supposed to. Even when it’s hard to see at the time. Life has a way of working out.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated?

LL: Working for yourself is motivation enough. You have to go out and get it and earn that living as you aren’t guaranteed a monthly salary like you are working for a company so it definitely takes persistence and patience. 

Q: What’s your secret to good style? 

LL: Basics and staples are key. Cut back on items you can’t match with a number of pieces in your wardrobe. Black and neutrals are great for helping with this. 

Q: What is one beauty product you would take with you to a desert island? 

LL: This is such a hard one but I think it would have to be lip balm. I literally apply it 50 times a day!

Q: What are you hoping to manifest in 2020? 

LL: I would love my own clothing collection, that would be a dream come true! I think I’m definitely ready for a big challenge like that at this stage in my blogging career. 

Q: THE IMPORTANT ONE: Barry's or Lyon's Tea?

LL: I’m from Cork, Barry’s all day!

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