Even McDonalds is embracing #Veganuary.

McDonald's has officially branched into the plant-based market by launching a vegan-friendly Happy Meal in Sweden.

The fast-food giant has adapted their business model to allow for products over the years to suit different tastes in different countries, cultures and growing popularities – and it seems that now, in Scandinavia, is the time to embrace all things animal-free.

Back in 2017, McDonald's began introducing vegan-friendly products such as the McVegan sandwich which includes a soy-based burger patty featuring an eggless McFeast sauce.

However, with 2019 comes the strive into unchartered territory as the McFalafel gets added to their Swedish menu.

The first vegan-friendly Happy Meal will offer totally vegan falafels made with chickpeas, parsley, garlic, and cumin.

As with all Happy Meals, the vegan version also comes with the choice of apples, carrots, or a small order of fries and an accompaniment of milk, juice, or fizzy drink.

According to Animal Rights Sweden, one in 10 Swedes is now vegetarian or vegan. In the under-30 crowd, the ratio is an even greater – one in five.

In Sweden, the McVegan sandwich has gone down a treat and fared exceptionally well among consumers.

Here's hoping the plant-based alternative will be hitting Irish stores very shortly.

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