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For Anyone Who Thought Veganism And McDonalds Wouldn't Work Together, Think Again.

Even McDonalds is embracing #Veganuary.

McDonald's will be launching their first-ever full vegan meal from 2 January of 2020.

The fast-food giant adapted their business model in January of this year in their Swedish branches to allow for products over the years to suit different tastes in different countries, cultures and growing popularities.

They began introducing vegan-friendly products in 2017 such as the McVegan sandwich which includes a soy-based burger patty featuring an eggless McFeast sauce.

However, in January 2019 came the strive into unchartered territory as the McFalafel was added to their Swedish menu.

Now, Irish customers will be able to order a fully vegan McDonalds meal for the first time when their brand new Veggie Dippers are released, teamed with a The Vegan Society (TVS) approved portion of fries and any of the soft drink options and sauces.

The Veggie Dippers will also be available as a fully vegan Happy Meal following the success of a trial period earlier this year.

The new Veggie Dippers – accredited by TVS – are made with red pepper, rice, sundried tomato pesto and split peas surrounded by light and crispy breadcrumbs.

"In the last 12 months we’ve seen an 80% uplift in customers ordering vegetarian options at McDonald’s, so it is time for the brand famous for the dippable McNugget to launch a dippable option for our vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian customers," Thomas O’Neill, Head of Food Marketing at McDonald’s UK & Ireland, said.

"The Veggie Dippers are a delicious addition to our menu and we’re looking forward to seeing what customers make of our first vegan Extra Value Meal and Happy Meal in the New Year."

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