What Is Mercury Retroshade?

Just as we were getting used to the idea of mercury not being the reason for all of our sadnesses, mercury retroshade emerges.

Mercury's retroshade period will be in effect until 15 August. 

This period describes the time after the retrograde when Mercury appears to slow down exponentially, before moving forward again in its rightful motion.

Experts say that this period – in which slow-motion really drags out the complications that typically arise during retrograde – is even more powerful than retrograde.

Mercury retrograde ended on July 31, making way for the post-shadow period it goes through as it turns back direct after a retrograde.

According to Well+GoodMercury retroshade is an opportunity to review big decisions in your life, reflect on the past, and reconnect with distant friends or exes.

“The post-shadow period helps you become clear about what all of those encounters and experiences can mean for your life moving forward. It is also a chance to resolve any issues that arose during the retrograde cycle,” explains intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang.

“Often, this can be a time when you change your mind. You could also notice tiny errors you missed, typos in contracts, or mistakes you might have made in communication with others,” says Lang.

“It’s a time to refine some of what you worked on during Mercury retrograde. Or to face some consequences for errors you may have made. That said, it can be gentle, too, as it gives you a second chance.”

We’ll probably only feel the effects strongly for a couple of days because Mercury is moving slower than usual.

“As it speeds up, we feel back online, mentally and physically,” she says. “When Mercury makes its way back to the degree at which it stationed retrograde (in this case, 4˚ 28’ of Leo), it will be back on track, and you will, too!”

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