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6 Things You Should Know Before Taking Omega-3 Supplements

Fish oil offers some impressive benefits, which can help you look and feel great!

While their health benefits are well known, not all omega-3 supplements are created equal. So it's well worth knowing the facts before deciding which fish oils are right for you...

As some of the most widely taken supplements in the western world, fish oil needs little introduction. Derived from the tissues of oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring, fish oil is made up of polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). 

While the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are well known, it is understood that much of the population consumes much less than the recommended levels – especially those who might not eat fish or nuts (another good source). 

Known to support heart, blood pressure and muscle functions, omega-3 can also maintain skin health, good hydration and minimise signs of ageing. So, if feeling and looking great – now and in the longer term – is a top priority, it might be worth considering supplementation. 

But remember, not all omega-3 supplements deliver the same level of benefit.


With 11 science-based and targeted formulas, MINAMI's premium fish oil supplements deliver among the highest concentrations of omega-3, meaning you get more omega-3 per softgel. As well as boasting specific ratios of EPA and DHA based on the latest research, MINAMI's production process handles the ingredients at a low temperature to help them achieve unparalleled levels of purity, as well as excelling strict European limits on contaminants. 

MorEPA Platinum + Vitamin D is one of the most impressive products in MINAMI's range. Specially formulated for active individuals, it has the highest levels of omega-3 per softgel (up to 90-95 per cent) and because it’s in triglyceride form, it’s absorbed more quickly and easily by the body. Vitamin D3, often known as the sunshine nutrient, helps support the immune system as well as muscle function, especially after intense exercise.

 We spoke to MINAMI's nutritional expert Jo Sharp about how to choose the right omega-3 supplement for you.

What should you keep in mind when consuming omega-3?

The purity and concentration are key. Always look out for certifications on batch testing and the way in which the omega-3 has been processed. MINAMI uses an extraction process that exposes the delicate fat to 75 per cent less heat than other premium brands on the market and tests every single batch.

Is there an optimum way to consume omega-3?

Oily fish is rich in omega-3 but studies show that most people are insufficient in omega-3. Consuming 1-2 portions of oily fish per week may help combat this, but people are becoming increasingly concerned about contaminants and heavy metals in fish. An omega-3 supplement like MINAMI, which is tested for contaminants and offers high purity and concentrations may be an easier way to ensure you get enough. 

How does omega-3 interact with skin?

Omega-3 is the main component of cell membrane structure and therefore an integral part of skin too. EPA and DHA, which are the two main fatty acids found in omega-3 may help dermal ceramides, which keep the skin moisturised. Ceramides protect the skin from water loss and act as a protective barrier. DHA is also a key structural component of the skin, keeping cell membranes healthy and protecting against signs of premature ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Can fish oils maintain the skin’s lipid (fat) content and help bolster its barrier function?

There is some evidence that omega-3 may maintain cell membrane integrity, through its relationship with dermal ceramides. This may lead to a positive effect on skin dryness. 

What do we know about omega-3 and vitamin D for those who exercise frequently or intensely?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient, meaning it needs fat to be absorbed. Adding it to omega-3 is ideal for absorption. Vitamin D is also known to support bone health and promote muscle function, making it this a brilliant combination for anyone who wants to support their fitness.

The MINAMI MorEPA Platinum is also Informed Sport certified, which means that it’s safer for athletes to use as it has been checked for any banned substances.

What about helping with inflammation?

We currently do not have any concrete scientific evidence on omega-3 helping inflammation. However, we do know omega-6 is pro-inflammatory and in the western world a large percentage of people have an imbalance of omega 3 and 6, the latter often being higher than optimal. Maintaining healthy levels of omega-3 may help maintain the balance between the two essential fats. 

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