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The Money Issue: Take Our Readers' Survey

It's super-quick and totally anonymous!

We want to make money a more accessible topic for everyone!

Spoiler alert! Our March issue of Irish Tatler is all about money, talking about the tabooed topic transparently and lifting the veil on how we view credit, debt, spending, saving and investing.

As a generation, we've been long-taught to shy away from openly discussing what we earn, yet are united in considering being debt-free a marker of personal success. Meghan and Harry secured financial-incidence in 2020, and we want in on that too! 

To help inform what we write both in the pages of the magazine and online, we've drafted a super-quick survey to glean some information about our audience's relationship with money. 

Totally anonymous, we hope to use the survey to get a better understanding of our readers' current financial reality, as well as sprinkling the tallied stats and percentages throughout our editorial content in March. 

If you've 5 mins to spare, please take our money survey below and be sure to pick up the March issue of Irish Tatler (on sale 4 February), where you'll find the full results of this survey and lots more talk about money!

Take Irish Tatler's Money-Issue Survey