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Moringa is The New Magic Superfood

Sainsbury’s has just named the nutrient-dense tree as one of the future foods of the world.

Sluggish? Fatigued? We've got just the thing. 

There's a new superfood in town. 

The Moringa oleifera tree is a small tree that is native to India but that grows in many parts of the world.

What's marvellous about it is that the entire tree is considered edible and it is known for its long twisted pods, from which it derives its name – “Murungai” means “twisted pod” in the Tamil language.

The Moringa tree has several names in different parts of the world including its common name of “horseradish tree,” since its roots taste similar to horseradish root when raw. Used in traditional homoeopathic remedies around the world, the moringa plant is gaining popularity with health buffs thanks to its rich nutritional profile and powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Amazingly, it's also hailed as a food because of its ability to grow in a variety of climates, especially subtropical climates.

In fact, Moringa Oleifera grows in virtually all countries where malnutrition is widespread and may be a great part of a comprehensive plan to alleviate malnutrition throughout the world. 

One of it’s biggest assets is that it’s a natural adaptogen, which suggests that it can help to increase the body’s resistance to stress by balancing the body’s cortisol levels.

Several studies have also shown that Moringa oleifera may help lower blood sugar levels, too.

It’s particularly advantageous to gym-going vegans due to the leaves being a complete source of plant protein (23%) – including all nine essential amino acids that are great for muscle recovery.

Each leaf is also a source of iron, calcium and vitamins E, K, A. They’re also rich in fibre, which supports your gut, and Sainsbury’s say that moringa has six times the antioxidants of goji berries.

And, it's popularity is growing.

Sainsbury’s has just named the nutrient-dense tree as one of the future foods of the world, claiming that its leaves are one of the most nutritious going and Google searches for the plant have increased by 320% in the last seven years.

Food brand Knorr has also hailed it one of the ‘future 50 foods’ of the world.

For those keen for a boost, the easiest way to take moringa is in powder form, made from crushing the naturally dried leaves into a fine dust.

Tasting similar to spinach, moringa powder can be found in most health shops. Bottoms up. 

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