Saoirse Ronan in Chesil Beach

Saoirse Ronan in Chesil Beach

Action? Animation? Adventure? Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, you will find a film you will enjoy in the cinema this month. These are our top picks for June. 


Ellen’s death leaves a trail of destruction in its wake, revealing some unexpected secrets about the Graham family tree. Hereditary takes horror into new territory – think Get Out meets Sinister. Coming to cinemas on June 15th. 

On Chesil Beach

An awkward sexual encounter forges a schism in Florence and Billy’s relationship, ultimately resulting in an annulment. Sex manuals, shame and Saoirse – On Chesil Beach has it all and then some. Out in cinemas now. 

Ocean's 8

Cate, Dakota, Sandra, Anne, Mindy, Sarah, Rihanna. Oh, and Matt Damon. (Can we talk about Cate’s bangs please?). It's time to gather all your gal pals and head to this female led, action packed summer flick. Ocean’s 8 is in cinemas 22 June.

The Boy Downstairs

Is it a crime to want to be friends with your ex boyfriend? Diana finds out when she inadvertently rents an apartment in the same building as hers. The Boy Downstairs is in cinemas 8 June.

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