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Everything You Missed At The MyLife by Irish Life & Irish Tatler Wellness Morning

If only all workout could be this way...

We're already looking forward to the next one!

Remember summer? Going for a jog in a cool breeze felt, well, a breeze. Heck, we even went swimming. “Oh, I’m DEFINITELY going to keep this fitness thing up over the winter!” we said. 

But now? Now, it’s No-tober. Grey, windy, wet…exercising just doesn’t have the same appeal. It's just one of those things you tell yourself you're going to do, but when the time comes there's always a reason not to: you're too tired or busy, it's too cold outside, or your dog ate your trainers.

Or at least, that's how we used to think. It's been almost six months since Irish Life launched MyLife, aka six months since we not only started to exercise better but with the motivation to do it, too. MyLife is a free health and wellbeing app that can inspire you to lead a healthier, more active life. It aims to help you understand more about your health, so you can identify ways to improve it. You’ll get a Health Score based on body, mind and lifestyle factors, and you can try to improve this Score over time. 

So to keep you as motivated as we are thanks to the MyLife app, we teamed up with Irish Life to host a wellbeing morning on October 12 in The Westin where influencers, fitness gurus and Irish Tatler readers gathered to get inspired gathered to get some motivation and inspiration. 


Hosted by Editor of, Amy Heffernan, the morning kicked off with a 'We Talk Wellness' discussion. Joined by Niamh Cullen and Tara O'Farrell, the three discussed what keeps them motivated, the important role sleep plays in your fitness journey and just how they manage to find balance amongst their busy lives. 

Once the minds were reset, it was then time to work up a sweat with an invigorating 45 minute Pound Fitness class hosted by Carla Roberts. Described as a "cardio jam session" this workout was inspired by the energising and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. The sticks used are known as Ripstix and they are lightly weighted to help you burn calories and tone up while we jammed out to the ultimate workout playlist. Actually, it didn't even feel like a workout, more just like having a good time. 

Successfully working up an appetite, attendees then enjoyed the ultimate healthy breakfast consisting of smoked salmon, toast and of course every fitness lover's best friend, the avocado. Once refuelled, guests then took home a fantastic goodie bag jam-packed with wellness goodies and three lucky attendees walked away with Fitbits to continue their fitness journey. 


The guestlist included influencers Niamh Cullen, Tara O'Farrell and fitness guru, Carla Roberts. The class soon then filled with eighty Irish Tatler readers eager to get their sweat on. 


We're keeping our cards close to our chest for now but all we can say is 'watch this space!'

how can I cure my FOMO? 

Well, lucky for you we were on hand to film the entire thing. Here's everything you missed from our exclusive MyLife by Irish Life & Irish Tatler Wellness Morning Event:

MyLife by Irish Life & Irish Tatler Wellness Morning

Your motivational monday watching starts right here... Irish Life

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