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The Irish Mental Health Service Providing Affordable Therapy Online During COVID-19

Since lockdown measures were announced last month, Irish social enterprise charity MyMind has seen a significant increase in demand for mental health services through its online video conferencing platform.

MyMind has seen a 600% spike in demand for online services as the disruptive impact of COVID-19 is felt in households across the country.

An Irish mental health charity has devised a system in which it can help those struggling at home during the COVID-19 pandemic with the use of telemedicine. 

Born from the belief that technology could make mental health care accessible to all in Ireland, MyMind's digital platform provides virtual affordable therapy to those who may not have been previously able to access it due to location, financial reasons or internet access. 

The organisation uses purpose-built technology that can handle low bandwidth connections for those in rural areas or working and travelling overseas, and where there is no internet access, therapists can provide support over the phone.

They also facilitate appointments outside of usual hours to adapt to our current unconventional living situations, such as when children are in bed.

Since the introduction of Government gradual lockdown measures, MyMind has witnessed a spike in interest of 600% for online demand. This has galvanised the team to remind everyone quarantined at home to look our for their mental health in this unprecedented time. 

"We have seen a dramatic spike in demand for our online mental health services," MyMind founder and CEO Krystian Fikert says.

"In a time of such upheaval and uncertainty to our lives, we must look after our mental health. Our message to the public is simple - whatever your location, background or situation, our team is here to support. Thankfully, during these challenging times, technology is our enabler".

Founded in 2006, MyMind's team of over 120 multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary therapists (covering 15 different languages across the group), have been providing support to individuals and families from different backgrounds and communities across Ireland.

They work on a flexible pricing basis, ensuring that help can be accessed by everybody regardless of employment and/or life situation. 

For students, the unemployed, those who are retired and older people who are currently cocooning, their current rate is €20 for an appointment. 

For more information or to schedule appointments within 24 hours, visit the MyMind website here

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