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Merry & Bright: New Wines To Try This Christmas, According To An Expert

Recommendations from Allta Wine Bar's Ian Fitzpatrick.
Ian Fitzpatrick

Are you stuck in a winter wine rut? Then these suggestions from Ian Fitzpatrick, sommelier at Allta Wine Bar should be right up your street.

Most people stick to their tried and tested favourites during the festive season, but this year why not try some new and different wines? You never know, they might become your new favourites.  

"Winter is one of my favourite times of the year for wine," says Fitzpatrick. 

"What's better than sitting in front of the fire with Elf – an all-time favourite of mine – on the telly and a big glass of Amarone in your hand? But we all know how expensive this time of the year can be, and Amarone is at the higher end of most of our budgets. But there are alternatives out there."

A great alternative

"My first port of call would be Ripasso, which is made by adding fresh Valpolicella wine to a vat of Amarone skins," he continues. 

"Ripasso di Valpolicella is a less intense and more approachable, warming wine. A good example of this is Domini Veneti Valpolicella Ripasso 'Torbe', a blend of corvina, corvinone and rondinella grapes that comes from a single vineyard in the Valpolicella Classico region. 

"If Ripasso isn't your thing – and you want to go totally left field – Croatia is producing some stunning wines at the moment. One of them is made by the Vinarija Križ winery in Potomje. The Trica Plavac Mali Križ is dry and juicy, perfect for opening Christmas presents by the fire. 

"This 100 per cent plavac mali is aged for a year in an oak barrel before being bottled and aged for a further six months."

Opting for red

"Pairing red wine with white meat is perfectly okay, despite what some might say," Fitzpatrick says. "But pair it right, for example with a Morgon. Domaine Joseph Chamonard's Morgon 'Le Clos de Lys' is 100 per cent Gamay from vines averaging 60 years old on an hour hectare plot. 

"It’s a natural wine, bottled with little sulphur, so expect it to be a little funky but to develop into a rich and full floral beast that would be perfect with turkey."

Instagram @von winning1849

Instagram @von winning1849

"If you'd rather drink white with your turkey, try a riesling. Whenever I try to sell one of these wines to customers, they automatically assume that it's sweet. But there are plenty of great dry options out there, one being Von Winning's Deidesheimer Riesling. 

"Now in its 2018 vintage, this wine is very fresh and vibrant. It comes from a selection of vineyards around the Deidesheim area, south of Frankfurt. Von Winning was established in 1849 and fell back into the hands of the original family in 2007."

Perfect with Brussel sprouts

"Brussel sprouts are considered a waste of space at many dinners table at Christmas," Allta's lead sommelier laughs. "This is a shame because they can be cooked in so many delicious ways. Although they are hard to match with wine with for various reasons, some serious pairings can be done with them. 

"Sauvignon Blanc drinkers will love eating their sprouts with Guy Allion's Touraine from Haut-Perron. This husband and wife duo make some great fresh and crisp Sauvignon Blancs on the slopes overlooking the Cher river in the Loire Valley. 

"Gruner veltliner should also get a look-in; this Austrian grape variety is a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. Meinklang's grüner is one to behold. From a biodynamic producer in Burgenland, this peppery, green apple-like ripe white is perfect to sip as an aperitif or to pair with those overlooked green veg at the Christmas banquet."

Instagram @terroirs.dublin

Instagram @terroirs.dublin

"Dessert wine can be a lovely way to finish off the Christmas feast," Fitzpatrick concludes.

"A favourite of mine at the moment is actually missing the key ingredient, grapes. But that doesn't stop the team at Killahora Orchards from making an ice wine from apples picked in their orchards in Cork. 

"They freeze and thaw the juice to create a sweet but light 11 per cent dessert wine. Give this a go with your pudding, trifle or cheese plate after dinner. It’s delicious, and it’s Irish!"

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Originally written for our sister site FOOD&WINE.

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