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The 5 Health + Fitness Boosts That Help Niamh Cullen Get Back On Track

Simple, doable and effective.

It's all-too-easy to fall off the wellness wagon, but so hard to get back on.

If a lockdown indulgence has you feeling a little softer than usual, then know you're not alone.

That said, the temptation is real to let wellness routines fall by the wayside when the world reopens again, so we asked fitness and lifestyle influencer, Niamh Cullen for her top tips on staying motivated and the instant boosts that help her re-set her habits for good. 

Scroll on to read what helps Niamh get back (and stay) on track. 

Make A Plan 

And stick to it! Try bulk booking (and paying for) classes in advance - the guilt of potentially wasting money will stop you from going straight home to snuggle on the sofa after a long day’s work. 

Don't Sweat Alone 

Schedule training with friends, so that you can’t bail last minute. If your pals aren't quite members of the #FITFAM, don't worry. Try a group training session or class instead - before long, turning up to not disappoint your fellow classmates will be motivation. 

Set Goals 

Try setting yourself a Monthly Plank or Squat challenge and build on the time/reps each day. There are loads of examples online – do them in front of the TV in the evenings and you won't feel the time passing. You'll be so surprised by the progress you've made in the month. 

The MyLife App by Irish Life gives you a virtual cheer every time you reach a goal or beat your own personal best and that can really help when motivation is flagging.

Start Right 

On cold, dark mornings, start your day with a glass of warm water, infused with ginger and turmeric to heat up your gut. Ginger can help to regulate blood sugar, while turmeric is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat inflammation. Think of it as heating up an oven before you cook! 

Get Quality Sleep 

If you’re not sleeping 7-8 hours most nights, your hormones will be out of whack, your appetite raging and you’ll be much more likely to reach for a sugar-loaded snack come 3 PM.