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Niamh O'Sullivan On Chips, Antiques Roadshow And Her Best Investment Pieces

Can we be her best friend?

A golden reference for when some extra inspiration is needed.

If you are in need of a ray of sunshine in the form of an uplifting Instagram account, Niamh O’Sullivan champions that ideal...and I would tap that follow button right about now. 

The Kildare blogger differentiates herself from the masses with her multifaceted content including lifestyle, wellness, sustainability, food, fitness and fashion which she shares on her social platforms and blog,

Proving the era of social media isn’t so transparent, Niamh shares wonderful healthy recipes (somehow, I am always famished after viewing her page), styling ideas, travel guides and provides a much-needed spotlight on living sustainably worth noting.

Niamh’s aesthetic has understandably attracted close to forty thousand followers along with both national and international brand partnerships. Not bad for a one-man show.

Aside from Niamh’s amazing, ongoing success being the most inspiring story, the motivating goodness continues on her platforms for an instant pick-me-up. 

Given our insatiable curiosity, we took five minutes from Niamh’s busy schedule to get to know her a little more.

Where is the best spot for brunch in Dublin?

This is such a difficult question. Depending on my many different moods and the vibes of each place / the grub on offer I would have to say my top 6 places, in no particular order are: 

  • Eathos (The healthier option)
  • Dillingers (For something more indulgent)
  • l'Gueuleton (A gorgeous French restaurant with the best outdoor seating on a nice day)
  • Brother Hubbard (Delicious Middle Eastern)
  • Balfes (The safe bet)
  • The Exchequer (Bottomless prosecco… need I say more?)

The Dublin food scene has so much to offer, this makes for difficult decisions when you are as indecisive as me! 

Do you have a wellness ritual after a crazy, busy day? 

Weirdly enough, I find cleaning and tidying so therapeutic.

After a hectic day, I love coming home, cleaning my face, putting my night creams on as early as possible, scraping my hair back and tidying my room. It makes me feel as though I’m winning at life! 

Out of all the incredible places you have travelled, where has been the most stylish? 

It would have to be Paris. I adore how chic and effortless French women are. I always look to them for style inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.

What is your favourite guilty pleasure? 

Chipper chips with salt, vinegar and garlic mayo. Nothing in the world is more delicious in my opinion. That would be my death row dinner for sure.

Another weird guilty pleasure is watching the Antiques Roadshow with my Mum. I always wait for her to turn it on, but I love watching it so much and can’t really explain why.

Can you debunk a myth about shopping sustainably? 

It’s probably not really a myth, but I do think that people still consider sustainability a daunting topic that they would rather avoid. In reality, there are so many small steps that one can take to be more sustainable in their day-to-day. Whether it’s something small like walking to the shops or bringing a reusable bag, these little things all add up and have a great and positive impact on the planet.

Of course, there are bigger measures that you can take, like avoiding fast fashion brands, or if that isn’t an option, being more deliberate in your purchases and maybe avoiding trend-driven pieces that you might not get the wear out of overtime. The truth is that we can all do something, so whether it’s big or small, we should be making an effort where and when possible. 

What is one healthy eating habit everyone can adopt?

At the moment, I’m trying to find balance in my meals. I’m a huge carb lover, and while that certainly won’t be changing any time soon, I really want to consciously up my protein each day.

I suppose it’s going back to the standard meat and two vegetables that we all grew up on. I’m definitely lacking in the fresh veg department too, so I’m focused on eating the right stuff, and cooking at home more when I have the chance.

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Looking back on your career working with social media, is there anything you would have done differently?  

I wish I could have been more confident in myself at the beginning. I was so paranoid and lost so much sleep worrying about what people thought about me putting myself out there online, when in reality no one cared, and I was never going to actually know what people really thought anyway. 

How can people educate themselves on sustainability? 

Good On You is a great place to start. You’ll find so much information on this website. If you download the app, you can search your favourite brands, and see how they’re doing in terms of environmental efforts, how they treat animals, and how they treat their workers along the supply chain. It’s very eye-opening and has definitely influenced my shopping habits. 

Livia Firth is also a massive advocate and thought-leader in the sustainable fashion field, she is well worth following. 

What is number one on your travel bucket list? 

Fiji! Followed closely by Jamaica, then Hawaii.

Who would your dream dinner guest be? 

At the moment, probably Dolly Alderton. I’m re-listening to her book Everything I Know About Love, and I think she would be the dream guest.

Probably not a fussy eater and definitely enjoys a glass of wine - we would have great chats and lots of laughs. 

What piece in your wardrobe will you constantly be wearing this season?   

My Chanel boots. I invested last Autumn and I’ve already got my cost per wear right down which brings me a lot of happiness. I’m big into investment pieces that will last over the years, so these were a big splurge but definitely worth it. I wear them with skirts, dresses, jeans and leggings. I would wear them to bed if I could!

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