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The French Palace Of Versailles Is Hosting A Rave This Summer

...and here's how you can attend
Party like It\'s 1774

Once the location of debaucheries carried out by the various Kings of France, the Palace of Versailles is now playing host to its very first electronic music night. So basically, there will be a rave taking place in Marie Antoinette's old stomping grounds. 

Aptly named, Versailles Electro, the party will be held on June 8 in the outdoor Château's Terraces area of the palace. Unlike the royal soirées from the palace's past, this event is open to the public and you don't need noble money to attend. Tickets start at just €22 euro, that ticket simply gains you access to the event where a €60 ticket gets you a free glass of Champagne, access to the VIP section and free parking while a €160 ticket gets you TWO free glasses of Champagne, access to a buffet and an invitation to a presumably even more VIP, VIP section. 

Headling the festival of sorts is Busy P, and if you're not too sure who that is, well, don't worry because the official event website is here to inform you, or should we say - drag you; "You must hate electronic music, have no access to the internet, or else live in a cave!", shade. Other acts include So Me, Myd and Breakbot x Irfane. 

Despite being an electronic music event, this isn't your traditional rave as the night starts at 8:30 pm and ends at midnight. Oh, and children under 18 are also allowed to attend - once accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

While this is the palace's first electro event, the former royal residence does open its doors to the public throughout the year (hell, they even let Kim Kardashian and Kanye West host their rehearsal dinner there) with a number of other cultural events. 

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