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What Is Panca Karma? The Detoxification Process That Helped Katy Perry Get Pregnant

Word to the wise: do not try this at home.

Think purgation (taking laxatives), warm oil enemas, therapeutic vomiting, and bloodletting, to name but a few.

Just last week, Katy Perry announced that she is pregnant in the most celebrity way possible: by putting the reveal in her new music video "Never Worn White."

With husband Orlando Bloom, it will be her first child, and in speaking with Nova's Kent 'Smallzy' Smalls, the pop star said she had gone on a Panca Karma retreat (an intensive, 21-day Ayurvedic treatment) which she credits with helping her get pregnant.

“It’s basically Ayurvedic eating and cleansing, you do lots of enemas. You definitely feel more energy, it basically like gets all the c**p out of you, every pun intended.”

Traditionally, Panca Karma involves some pretty eccentric practices for eliminating waste. Think purgation (taking laxatives), warm oil enemas, therapeutic vomiting, and bloodletting, to name but a few. Needless to say, it’s an interesting experience but one Katy won’t be signing up to again soon.

"We did it, we don't need to do it again, but we have prepped this temple and the gift has arrived,” she said.

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But pregnancy isn't the only reason the pop star decided to practice Panca Karma, Perry also claims it's the ultimate solution to eternal youth.

In the same interview, the singer confessed why she relied on "ancient remedies" and healing practices to combat ageing. "I'm kind of into those type of things, like health and healing places and self-betterment places," she said. "Especially as you get older and you have longer hangovers, you realize the cells in my body are dying."

To bring them back to life, Perry turned to Panca Karma. The program, which supposedly takes over 21 days for completion, works by removing harmful toxins from the body to create "optimum healing conditions." She continued, "There are ancient ways to heal yourself besides just taking a pill, which is something I always love to investigate." 

Whether it's antiageing or pregnancy that has you intrigued by this detoxification process, Panca Karma should only ever be conducted under the supervision of Ayurvedic practitioners, which is the traditional medicine system of India. Panca Karma is uniquely customised to the patient through tests and by obtaining as much medical history as possible. The aim is to create optimum healing conditions for the body, reduce stress and boost the body's immune system. 

This is definitely not something you just do at home.

Main image by @katyperry on Instagram

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