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No Plans? Try The New Wellness Trend Of Getting Tipsy At Home In Your Underwear

According to the rules, snacks are essential.

In case you need an excuse...

Hygge has come and gone, lagom lingered, but finally, there's a new Scandi-approved lifestyle trend that fits into our weekend plans perfectly

Päntsdrunk is exactly what you might assume: drinking booze while in your underwear. 

Päntsdrunk, natively known as kalsarikänni in Finland – which translates roughly to underwear drunk – is a self-care phenomenon that involves removing your pants (in the safety of your own home, of course. No wellness trend is worth an indecent exposure charge) and filling up your glass. 

Finnish Culture

Initially, it was conceptualised to help Finnish residents deal with the cold, dark winter months Nordics are typical of, but so serious has the country gotten about päntsdrunk, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs created two new emojis of people drinking in their underwear (a man in briefs with a beer and a woman in a pink vest-and-pants combo chilling with a glass of red wine) in armchairs to represent Finnish culture. 

Finnish journalist Miska Rantanen is bringing the phenomenon worldwide in her new book Päntsdrunk (Kalsarikanni): The Finnish Path to Relaxation and according to Penguin, the book’s publisher, the päntsdrunk mindset also includes “bingeing on Netflix, scrolling mindlessly on your phone, sweet and salty snacks, sofa time, and blocking all work communications", and will lead you to a "healthier, more energising and relaxing life – wherever, whenever".

A state of relaxation so deep, it can't be achieved in pants, sounds like the dream…

Surely, it's no coincidence that Finland consistently rates in the top five in the UN's happiness ranking? If päntsdrunk is considered the path to recovery and self-empowerment, to help you face your future challenges, much like the lagom or hygge of the other Scandi countries, but without any of the fluffy aesthetic BS, then who are we to judge?

In the spirit of investigative journalism, this is one topic we, as a collective team at Irish Tatler, will be trying this weekend and we'd recommend you do the same. Expect full reports back on Monday morning, re: the metal state of the virtual office. 

Now, just to disrobe and break out the bottles of red....

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