Looking For Your Dream Wedding Dress? You’ll Find It At Patrick Casey

"A bride, at first sight, must be seen for her beauty alone, the dress second."

Beautiful couture bridal gowns like no other…

It’s the secret that is not quite a secret: most women have dreamed of their wedding dress from an early age. The wedding dress is the most important item of clothing a woman will ever buy; it’s the centrepiece of a wedding, and the one thing everyone talks about. Simply put, if the dress isn’t right, the bride won’t feel her best and won’t enjoy the day.

"I would never put a girl in a dress I didn’t feel she was going to look stunning in," explains designer Patrick Casey.

The Irish designer wants to make every woman who wears his creations feel as spectacular as the gowns themselves. "My inspiration is driven from a desire to create the most spectacular dresses possible and I strive to do so one wedding gown at a time."

"For me, a bridal gown is similar to a perfume; the fragrance comes alive when it comes in contact with the skin, and so it should be the same with each dress."

The go-to choice for incredible gowns

For a gown that truly stands out from the crowd, Patrick Casey has long been a go-to choice for brides. His unique collections, with bejewelled intricate detail, luxurious silk fabrics, lace and embellished with Swarovski crystals, beads and embroidery, has for long been the preferred label for brides all around the world.

As well as being beautiful to wear, quality is paramount: Casey offers innovative designs, superior quality and craftsmanship so that each Patrick Casey bride can experience his renowned signature fit - and once you put one on, you’ll see exactly why his gowns are so incredible to wear.

The beauty of the bride

"My inspiration is enhanced by the brides I meet and work with," Casey continued. "Listening and understanding their feelings and emotions is paramount to a successful client-designer relationship." His advice for choosing the perfect wedding gown?

"As I always say to my brides, don’t be swayed by bridal trends. The silhouette of the dress is foremost the most important decision. A bride, at first sight, must be seen for her beauty alone, the dress second. The chosen style should be so in keeping with the bride that her audience is drawn to her or ideally, both at the exact same time."

For more bridal gown inspiration see patrickcasey.ie

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